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Realization of an Attractive Workplace

Promotion of Diversity

Diversity and Inclusion

Significance of the Initiatives

Sysmex considers human resources an important management resource for achieving sustainable growth, and we have evolved from the practice of “diversity,” which simply welcomes diverse human resources, to the more extensive practice of “diversity and inclusion.” This approach involves creating a working environment that is suitable for a wide variety of human resources.

Through synergies arising from different values, perspectives, experiences and capabilities, we are working to create a culture of innovation and generate value.

Working to Achieve Diversity and Inclusion

To promote diversity and inclusion, in April 2017 Sysmex Corporation established the Diversity Promotion Section within its Human Resources Division. Sysmex is working to cultivate an organizational culture that promotes further understanding of diversity and LGBT*. In fiscal 2017, we set up a diversity portal site on our intranet to disseminate information and promote understanding. We also conduct awareness surveys related to diversity, welcoming frank comments from employees and developing our initiatives in this regard.

Sysmex America conducts measures based on its affirmative action program, aiming to erase prejudice and discrimination.

* Acronym referring to sexual minorities (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender)

Ensuring Diverse Human Resources

Aiming to Equalize Employment Opportunities

Sysmex Corporation recruits new employees based the evaluation of individuals, without regard for nationality, race, gender, age, employment history or disability status. Specifically, we instituted year-round hiring to offer equal opportunities to people who had already graduated or had studied overseas and therefore might be at a disadvantage.

To ensure our ability to recruit personnel around the world, we conduct Company briefings and interviews overseas, as well as conducting Web-based briefings and interviews. As in the previous year, we continued to host interns in fiscal 2017, strengthening our measures to help overseas human resources gain a better knowledge of Sysmex. Due to such efforts, foreign nationals accounted for 7.8% of new graduates hired in fiscal 2017.

Promoting Employment of People with Disabilities

Operations at Sysmex Harmony

Operations at Sysmex Harmony

Sysmex encourages the employment of people with disabilities. Targeting long-term employment, we design working conditions to maximize individualsʼ aptitudes and skills. In fiscal 2017, employment of people with disabilities amounted to 2.04% of Group employees in Japan.

In April 2017, we established Sysmex Harmony Co., Ltd., in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, a special subsidiary*. By creating a workplace where people with various sorts of physical, intellectual and psychological disabilities can work in keeping with their characteristics and disabilities, we aim to foster an environment in which everyone, regardless of disability, can work and grow together enthusiastically and with peace of mind.

For the past 15 years, Sysmex Europe has worked with an organization that endeavors to support the independence of people with disabilities. The company subcontracts packaging work at a manufacturing line of its reagent factory in Germany to people with disabilities. We strive to maintain high levels of motivation among these workers through sharing our mission, as well as through periodic training and support from employees.

* A subsidiary that has been certified by the director of a public employment security office for special consideration in the employment of people with disabilities. Having labor regulations separate from the parent company enables such subsidiaries to give more consideration to work capabilities and labor conditions of people with disabilities in their labor regulations and workplace environments, thereby making it easier to increase employment for people with disabilities.

Employing Seniors - System for Reemploying Post- Mandatory Retirement Age Workers

Sysmex Corporationʼs mandatory retirement age is 60, but we have in place a system for rehiring until age 65 people who have retired at the mandatory retirement age and still wish to work. In fiscal 2017, 38 people who had reached the mandatory retirement age were rehired according to internal rules.

Promoting Womenʼs Career Activities

Sysmex Corporation has been an active proponent of diversity. In addition to respecting the individuality of our employees, we strive to provide them with a workplace where they can realize their full potential. One aspect of these activities involves establishing an in-house daycare center, providing childcare leave that exceeds statutory requirements. Also, based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, in April 2016 we formulated the “Action Plan Under the Act on the Promotion of Women’s Active Participation,” to cultivate female leaders and promote diverse working styles.

As a result of these efforts, the percentage of female employees at Sysmex Corporation has risen from 19.9% in fiscal 2005 to 29.4% in fiscal 20171. The percentage of female managers has also increased over that period, from 2.4% to 8.6%2. Also, the percentage of female managers for the Sysmex Group as a whole was 15.2% in fiscal 2017.

1 Based on the number of people employed.

2 Director level or above

Receiving the Highest-Level “Eruboshi” Certification as an Excellent Company Based on the Act on Promotion of Womenʼs Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

“Eruboshi” mark

“Eruboshi” mark

Sysmex Corporation honors the individual of each employee and provides them with a workplace where they can realize their full potential. In September 2016, we met all five criteria set by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for the promotion of womenʼs participation and received the highest ranking, Level 3, as an “Eruboshi” company, indicating superior initiatives to promote the active participation of women.

Percentage of Female Managers (Sysmex Corporation)
Percentage of Female Managers (Sysmex Corporation)
Percentage of Female Employees* (Sysmex Corporation)
Percentage of Female Employees  (Sysmex Corporation)

* Based on the number of people employed.

Promoting and Showing Understanding

Diversity Education

Sysmex Corporation holds diversity roundtables, where employees exchange opinions freely on such broad-ranging themes as careers, work-life balance and cultural understanding, creating a community that goes beyond internal divisions. In fiscal 2017, we held these roundtables six times, including some in English.

Sysmex America and Sysmex Europe have formed employee groups to conduct diversity education and promote diversity in an effort to foster understanding.

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