Responsible Provision of Products and Services

Appropriate Disclosure of Information Regarding Products and Services

Quality and Safety Information

Sharing Customer Feedback within the Group

A direct link exists between a manufacturer’s ability to provide safe, quality products and the trust it engenders.

Sysmex established the Post-marketing Quality Assurance Department, which controls information regarding the quality and safety of products. Its function is to field the various inquiries it receives from outside the Company, as well as to investigate and analyze the information it receives; share this information with the design, manufacturing and other divisions; and improve quality. In addition, we have put in place a structure for incorporating this information in the next generation of products.

Product Quality and Vigilance Control System
Product Quality and Vigilance Control System

Product Recall and Repair Information Posted on Our Website

Sysmex posts information about product recall and repair on its website under “Important Product Notices”.

Working Aggressively to Stamp out Counterfeit Reagents

To assure accurate testing results, Sysmex asks its customers to use Sysmex-branded instruments and reagents together. In recent years, however, reagents whose names and container shapes have been disguised to look like Sysmex reagents have been found in circulation in some areas. The use of such counterfeit reagents cannot guarantee the reliability of testing results and, in some cases, can be harmful to patients' health.

For this reason, Sysmex continuously monitors markets for counterfeit reagents. When they are discovered, we work with local government institutions and judicial bodies to ensure the swift and thorough enforcement of our intellectual property rights. We also caution medical institutions against the use of counterfeit reagents by placing advertisements in newspapers.