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Responsible Provision of Products and Services

Recognition of the Issues

A recent spate of issues involving product quality and recalls have drawn attention to societyʼs demands for product and service quality and safety. Furthermore, in recent years the scope of corporate responsibility has expanded to encompass the entire supply chain, including business partners. The Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) also include goals related to the responsibility of manufacturers.

Sysmex engages in the global development of business in the healthcare field, involves people’s lives and health. Accordingly, we work to ensure the quality and safety of our products and services, disclose information appropriately and conduct CSR-considerate procurement activities. We believe these moves are important in earning the trust of our stakeholders.

Sysmex’s Approach

Sysmex has created a global quality management system, through which it is consistently striving to maintain or increase quality levels. As initiatives to enhance customer satisfaction, we offer services and support that are closely tailored to customersʼ needs, creating a framework we call “Voice of Customer (VOC)” to incorporate customer input into our product development and quality improvements, and provide the most recent scientific information. Furthermore, as a company developing its business globally we are reinforcing our systems for delivering a stable supply of products, promoting CSR-considerate procurement activities and aiming to grow in a sustainable manner in tandem with our business partners.

Going forward, we will continue striving to earn the trust of our stakeholders and instilling confidence by offering responsible products and services.

Activity Results


Securing of product quality and safety
Appropriate disclosure of information regarding products and services
Assessment and management of the supply chain

Other CSR Activities

Customer Relations
Stable Supply
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