Responsible Provision of Products and Services

Customer Relations

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys in Japan and Overseas

Sysmex conducts customer satisfaction surveys in various countries and regions, which include China and Japan in addition to major countries in the Americas, EMEA,* and the Asia-Pacific region. These surveys use indexes customized for each country and region in accordance with the products and services offered in each market.

Sysmex America has ranked number one among manufacturers of hematology analyzers in an IMV ServiceTrak survey of customer satisfaction for 18 consecutive years. Sysmex America was also one of four recipients of Supplier Excellence Awards (sponsored by Quest Diagnostics) that recognize companies offering excellent products and services.

We also conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys in EMEA and the Asia Pacific region, which have reported high levels of customer satisfaction.

  • EMEA: Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Creating Original Solutions to Meet Customer Needs

Sysmex endeavors to create original solutions to meet customer needs by integrating its technological expertise in testing instruments, reagents, and IT. In recent years, we have realized automated testing by connecting multiple instruments, which reduces infection risks in sample handling and prevents sample mix-ups, built transportation systems fully utilizing robotics technologies to increase laboratory productivity, and offered concentrated reagents to dramatically reduce the frequency of reagent replacement.

In addition, Sysmex New Zealand and Diagnostic Services Manitoba (DSM), a public sector diagnostic healthcare service provider, have jointly developed a Laboratory Information System (LIS) for medical institutions in Manitoba, Canada. This LIS, besides providing standardized diagnostic services across the province, increases efficiency in patient care and service flow concerning diagnostic results. New Zealand Health IT (NZHIT) recognized this achievement and nominated the company as a finalist for the 2018 NZHIT Innovation Awards.

Enhancing Service and Support

Responding to Inquiries Rapidly and Responsibly

In Japan, Sysmex Corporation maintains a Customer Support Center, where experienced staff members with expert knowledge cater to customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (separate agreement required). By creating a database containing maintenance histories and the details of past inquiries from customers to ensure quick reference, the center responds to inquiries and requests both quickly and carefully.

Requests and other comments received through the support center and other means are gathered by the Voice of the Customer (VOC) Group. After analyzing this information from various angles, it is provided as feedback to related divisions so it can be utilized in new product development and operational improvements. In fiscal 2018, we gathered some 17,600 customer comments in the Japanese market. We have received a positive response to instruments with new functions and instruments that we have added as a result of customer input, which is indicated by the VOC mark we use in our product catalog.

The Sysmex Group has established regional customer support centers to respond quickly and carefully to inquiries, as well as responding promptly to customer requests.

Offering Solutions Utilizing IT

Sysmex offers SNCS™,1 a network service that supports stable operation of test instruments at hospitals through such functions as instrument quality control,2 automated monitoring, and failure prediction based on real-time analysis.

Amid rising demand for increased efficiency and enhanced quality, which has been accelerated by the development of global information, we started offering a new network solution known as Caresphere™ in fiscal 2018. Caresphere™ offers application services that increase efficiency in the operation and management of testing laboratories, and support test instrument and operation quality control at hospitals through the use of the IoT and a cloud service. In future, we plan to offer other services to facilities engaging in community healthcare and to a broad range of healthcare professionals working at those facilities.

  1. Sysmex Network Communication Systems (SNCS™) is an online support service that connects to the Sysmex Customer Support Center and customers’ instruments via the Internet to provide real-time external quality control, scientific information, and the monitoring of instrument conditions. The content of these support services varies by region. A separate (paid) agreement is required to use this service.
  2. Quality control is a management method used to guarantee the values measured by testing equipment and to confirm that a customer's equipment is functioning correctly.
Responding to Inquiries at the Customer Support Center
Responding to Inquiries at the Customer Support Center

Providing Online Training Support

Sysmex conducts instrument and maintenance training in each region as part of its customer support.

In the United States, where medical institutions are scattered over a large area, Sysmex America offers real-time virtual training via network so that customers can receive training as necessary without going to a Sysmex training facility. Due to the rise in demand resulting from our business expansion, we opened a new “Center for Learning” in fiscal 2018, integrating former training facilities into a larger central facility.

Disseminating Useful Information

“Support Information” Site

“Support Information” Site

Sysmex disseminates information useful for customers in the “Support Information” section of its website.

Up-to-date information is sent out using an email magazine distribution service. We also offer a “Personal page” function for managing content and viewing history. In these ways, we are continuously enhancing functionality to facilitate customer use.

Utilizing the ISO to Increase the Quality of Clinical Testing

Recently, the field of clinical testing has met with strong demand for improvement in the quality of test results, and awareness of international standards is increasing around the world. One such standard is ISO 15189 (Medical laboratories − requirements for quality and competence). The number of clinical laboratories that have obtained this certification is increasing, with the certification having become obligatory in some countries.

Sysmex has received certification under the ISO/IEC 17025 international standard for clinical testing calibration institutions and the ISO 15195 standard, verifying that Sysmex meets the international standards for the quality of the calibration service it provides with its automated hematology analyzers. We were the first company in Japan to receive such accreditation in this field.

A calibration certificate that Sysmex issues is accepted as a globally recognized document that ISO 15189 requires to ensure traceability and calibration. As of March 31, 2019, Sysmex had issued such certificates for more than 4,800 instruments.

Furthermore, SNCS/eQAPi,* an external quality assessment service provided by Sysmex, is the first in Japan in any industry to receive certification under ISO/IEC 17043 (Conformity assessment − General requirements for proficiency testing).

  • Sysmex Network Communication Systems (SNCS™) is a service that uses a network to provide quality assurance for diagnostic instruments, monitor failures and offer maintenance support.
    eQAPi is an external quality assurance service that covers multiple instruments and reagent manufacturers.

Scientific Activities

Sysmex holds seminars targeting healthcare professionals in Japan and other Asian countries to provide them with the most up-to-date medical information. We also work with various countriesʼ ministries of health, other national institutions, and major academic societies on scientific activities aimed at increasing the level of healthcare.

Holding Scientific Seminars for Clinical Professionals

41st Sysmex Scientific Seminar

Sysmex hosts scientific seminars and study sessions in various regions for doctors, clinical technologists, and other professionals working on the front lines of healthcare.

We have held scientific seminars every year since 1978 to share the latest information on the field of clinical testing. June 2018 marked the 41st year of such seminars. In fiscal 2018, the seminar was held at 15 venues in Japan, aside from the main venues of Kobe and Tokyo, plus two venues outside Japan, with the theme of “Millennium Advanced Medical Has Come a Long Way”, with about 1,200 participants attending. In addition, we held scientific seminars on coagulation and immunochemistry testing in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, as well as a user meeting in the field of cytogenetic testing at our Group company, Oxford Gene Technology.

Through initiatives such as these, we build trust-based relationships with numerous healthcare professionals. At the same time, our accumulated medical knowledge helps to raise the quality of healthcare.

Scientific Seminar (Japan)

Scientific Seminar (Indonesia)

Workshop (Vietnam)

Conducting Activities to Enhance the Quality of Clinical Testing

Through various efforts, Sysmex is working to raise the quality of clinical testing in every country.

Sysmex is working in Asiaʼs emerging and developing countries to support the standardization of testing through external quality control programs. In fiscal 2018, we provided external quality control in the Philippines, Thailand, Mongolia, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

Sysmex America provides hematology analyzers to universities, along with support such as lectures and training on proper instrument operation. Sysmex Shanghai has developed free software for professionals to compete in skills to morphologically identify cells related to diseases such as urinary tract infection and diabetes, to contribute to the improvement of technical knowledge of technologists.