Development of Human Resources

Autonomous Career Development

Our Approach to Personnel Management

Sysmex aims to create a corporate culture that enables diverse talent to feel a sense of unity and security as they work to fulfill their potential.
In April 2020, we departed from the performance-based personnel system that ranked employees’ competence in order to start introducing a job-based personnel system* that determines employees’ ranks based on their roles and what their jobs entail. We plan to provide an environment that allows diverse human resources to pursue successful careers among our efforts to maintain considerable growth potential as a company, while retaining our focus on talent development for long-term employment.
We will also implement a ranking system, evaluation system, and human resource development for all key positions in the Group according to our Group-wide HR policy, thereby establishing consistent personnel management applied to all Group companies across the globe. In addition, we will switch to a more externally competitive pay system in order to hire and develop talented human resources capable of successfully working anywhere in the world, which will enable us to achieve sustained business growth.

  • The system was first introduced for managers in fiscal 2020. It will be gradually expanded to include other employees around the world.

Positioning of Global HR Policy

Equitable Personnel Evaluation Based on Abilities and Accomplishments

What Sysmex evaluates is not just employees’ achievements. Our evaluation is also based on the processes that have led to success, how leadership was exercised, and various other factors. Moreover, employees regularly have one-on-one meetings with their supervisors and receive feedback on their work. This is among our efforts to ensure fair and satisfying personnel evaluations.
We determine market-competitive compensation for managers based on the responsibilities required in their positions. We also remunerate non-managers appropriately, in accordance with factors such as their occupations and qualifications, and base salaries are the same regardless of gender. “8. To Respect Human Rights and to Improve Occupational Health and Safety” in the Global Compliance Code specifies that we “comply with applicable laws and regulations” in the countries and regions in which we operate. Accordingly, we have designed a payroll system to ensure that pay will not fall below the minimum wage or fall short of the standard of living in any region.

Supporting Employee Career Design

Sysmex Corporation has introduced a voluntary reporting system for all employees. Once a year, we interview each employee to learn what they envision for their medium- to long-term career, what type of job they wish to engage in, and if they hope to work in overseas locations. The interview serves as an opportunity for our employees to contemplate where they hope to go with their careers and what life plans they should make. We also plan and implement capacity building and staffing based on what employees have reported.
With the introduction of the job-based personnel system for managers, we now provide a job description that defines the responsibilities and skills required in each managerial position. The job descriptions of all positions are disclosed in order to make clear what the positions require, thereby helping managers envision a linear career path.
We also offer the Career Development Support Program, intended for employees who are troubled about their careers. The program provides training that combines input (e-learning), output (group training), and individual career consultations to support participants in their autonomous career planning and specific behavior changes. In fiscal 2020, 46 employees participated, and the overall satisfaction rating was 80.

Introducing Internal Awards Systems to Motivate Employees

Sysmex introduced the Group CEO Award system to recognize individuals, divisions, and groups that contribute most significantly to the realization of the Sysmex Way, our Group corporate philosophy, sharing these achievements throughout the Company. We provide awards to one individual and one group each year.
To motivate R&D engineers and heighten awareness of intellectual property, we have also introduced the Patent Grand Prize/Patent Prize of Distinction, the Patent Meister, and the Filing Commemoration Prize. In addition, we present the Quality Award for success in quality improvements. 

Improving the Treatment of Contract and Temporary Employees

Sysmex Corporation actively hires contract employees and temporary employees as regular personnel. We have clarified our internal regulations for hiring people working on fixed-term contracts, offering them fair opportunities for promotion. We have announced these regulations on the intranet to make sure that they are known to all employees.

Development of Human Resources

Promoting Global Human Resource Development

Sysmex cultivates a sense of unity in business activities and the workplace, while developing next-generation human resources, under its Group-wide global human resource development system. We are also reinforcing networks within the Group and undertaking various measures to foster intercultural understanding.
Based on its four concepts for human resource development, “link training, evaluation, and work (show results)”, “promote globalization of the Sysmex Group”, “invest in ongoing human resource development”, and “be a company that cultivates human resources and personal growth”, we operate a training system offering selective, rank-based, and elective training. This system aims to nurture personnel in a planned and gradual manner.

Human Resource Development Programs in the Age of the New Normal

Sysmex is working on the introduction of human resource development programs suitable for the age of the new normal, in response to the need for diverse working styles and to the COVID-19 pandemic. To be more specific, we have developed a system for online classes and made improvements to existing of online programs. Furthermore, the smart work system, which was introduced to facilitate diverse working styles, encourages employees to spend 15 minutes of their working hours per day on self-study. These efforts led a total of about 34,000 employees to take classes in fiscal 2020, and 92% of them took online training.* About 80% of these trainees had favorable responses to the online programs according to the trainees' questionnaire. 
The introduction of a job-based personnel system has improved the training designed to enhance skills and competencies suitable for trainees’ positions. Sysmex College, our voluntary training program, offers knowledge programs in which in-house instructors impart knowledge, skills, and know-how, as well as practical business programs that focus on specific competencies. During fiscal 2020, 23 courses were offered and approximately 2,700 employees participated.
In the newly introduced learning management system, supervisors check how their staff members are doing in the programs they are taking, give advice on career development, and provide opportunities to 
have dialogues.

  • Target: Sysmex Corporation 

Three Core Training Systems

Training Type Objective FY2020 Results 
Selective training
  • Cultivate global leaders
  • Cultivate future management personnel
To discover potential next-generation leaders at an early stage of their careers and prepare them for leadership, the training requires trainees to take up the challenge of reaching stretch goals (i.e., to experience formidable obstacles) to acquire the ability to develop a vision and strategies and to improve their practical skills. 
Training period: six months; number of trainees: 7
Rank-based training
  • Deepen our employees’ understanding of the Group’s corporate philosophy and history
  • Acquire an understanding and expertise in management and issue resolution required at each level
  • Promote communication between departments 
Number of programs: 26; number of trainees: approx. 4,400
Elective training
(Sysmex College)
  • Obtain practical expertise, knowledge, and skills in business execution
  • Gain business and management expertise
The training offers practical business courses designed to develop trainees’ competencies, including strategic thinking, team building, negotiation, and problem solving. Knowledge training led by in-house instructors is also conducted.
Number of programs: 30
Number of trainees: approx. 2,700 

Sysmex University, a Training Program of Sysmex America, Wins International Human Resource Development Awards

Sysmex America has a training program called Sysmex University for all its employees in the United States, Canada, and Latin America.
Sysmex University offers a number of programs related to business skills and specific professional skills, including leadership skills. In 2020, Sysmex America’s human resource development team analyzed details of these programs, learning needs, and trainee satisfaction survey results, among other factors, to improve the company’s system for better usability and to enhance the programs. Consequently, the percentage of the employees who have taken the programs increased, and trainees’ skills and competencies improved. These achievements were recognized and won the Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for Excellence in the Best Advance in Business Strategy and Technology Innovation category, and a Silver Award for Excellence in the Best Advance in Learning Management Technology. Brandon Hall Group1 is a world-class research firm. Sysmex America also won the 2021 BEST Award organized by the Association of Talent Development (ATD)2 in the United States. 

Other Key Human Resource Development Programs

Company Program/Measure Objectives/Overview
Sysmex Corporation
Project Management Training Designed for development project members to learn international standard project management methodologies.
R&D Innovation Activities Designed to strengthen teamwork and proposal-making capabilities among R&D personnel.
Participation in the Japan Biodesign Fellowship Program An external program designed to train human resources to work out solutions to problems, with on-the-ground healthcare needs as a starting point, from an early stage of development, which stimulates innovation and leads to creation (one trainee sent to the 10-month training each year).
Sysmex International Reagents Monozukuri Professional Training Activities Opened the Monozukuri Dojo (manufacturing training hall) as part of our production reform effort. Trains new employees, trains participants in skills needed to become multi-functional workers, and imparts technical knowledge needed for monozukuri.
Sysmex RA Monozukuri Professional Training Activities As part of a production improvement project, trains managers mainly in making on-the-ground improvements.
Sysmex Europe Sysmex EMEA Campus Offers training spaces and various online/offline training programs for all employees in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Provides lectures and workshops planned around themes ranging from general business skills to specialized subjects. Aims to train future leaders, improve their skills, and facilitate internal networking.
Sysmex Academy Offers programs where trainees acquire product-related knowledge and knowledge of medicine. Aims to increase trainees’ specialized knowledge and to develop trainers for customer training.
Sysmex Shanghai Sysmex Shanghai University Online training for all employees, started in 2019, aims to assist with employees’ professional growth.
Sysmex Asia Pacific

LinkedIn Learning

Offers about 100 online courses for training that use social media (LinkedIn) for all employees. Designed for trainees to acquire and improve skills such as management, leadership, critical thinking, business analysis, and data analysis.

Sysmex Academy Offers online programs in which trainees acquire product-related knowledge and knowledge of medicine.