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Respect for Human Rights

Policies and Initiatives Related to Respect for Human Rights

Adhering to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILOʼs Core Labour Standards, and the UN Global Compact

In accordance with the item of the Sysmex Global Compliance Code, “8. To Respect Human Rights and to Improve Occupational Health and Safety,” we practice corporate management that respects the human rights of all employees and engage in initiatives to enhance the working environment. This code is in keeping with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights provision that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” and the gist of the ILO’s Core Labour Standards, which define minimum labor standards that must be preserved in the workplace. To ensure that these perspectives are effectively put into practice, Sysmex has clarified conformance rules and action guidelines proscribing discrimination, harassment, forced labor and child labor. We also conduct various types of training to ensure employee awareness. Sysmex began participating in the UN Global Compact in February 2011, and we have clarified our corporate stance in relation to the compact’s 10 principles regarding human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.

In view that it promotes human genome and genetic analysis research, as well as clinical research, Sysmex has established an internal committee to ensure thorough consideration for subjects’ human rights, and we follow specific guidelines in this regard.

Identifying Risk to Human Rights (Human Rights Due Diligence)

According to item “8. To Respect Human Rights and to Improve Occupational Health and Safety” of the Sysmex Global Compliance Code, we believe it is necessary to conduct “human rights due diligence,” which involves identifying negative impacts on human rights, and preventing or reducing them through our business activities throughout the entire supply chain. Specifically, we have incorporated into CSR surveys of our business partners such topics as prohibiting forced and child labor and eliminating discrimination due to gender, disability, race or other factors. To ensure that Sysmexʼs activities are not involved or complicit in human rights abuses, we ascertain impacts on human rights in advance and put in place measures to ensure prevention. With the U.K. Modern Slavery Act going into effect, Sysmex UK has publicized its statement in this regard on its website and operates in compliance with this act.

Consultation and Reporting Systems Related to Human Rights

Sysmex has established internal reporting systems in Japan and overseas to handle human rights consultations, including those related to sexual harassment and workplace bullying.

Education and Training On Understanding Respect for Human Rights

Conducting Training to Prevent Human Rights Abuses

Sysmex strives to prevent human rights abuses by conducting training on prevention of harassment and regulations related to labor standards.

In fiscal 2017, we conducted training for 130 newly appointed managers on such topics as harassment, including LGBT*, personnel administration and the Workers Dispatch Act. We also held training for new employees and mid-career hires.

* Acronym referring to sexual minorities (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender)

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