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Corporate Citizenship Activities

Corporate Citizenship Activities

Sysmex contributes toward the creation of a healthy society and the establishment of a vibrant community through activities based on “To society” defined in Sysmex Way’s Core Behaviors and its policy on corporate citizenship.

Creation of a Healthy Society

Participation in the Kobe Medical Industry Development Project

The Kobe Medical Industry Development Project aims to create a focal point among members of the healthcare industry in Kobe through industry–government–academia cooperation.

Sysmex has set up labs within the Translational Research Informatics Center (TRI), one of the projectʼs core facilities, and the Center for Biomedical Research Activities (BMA), where we promote clinical research and collaborative research with a variety of healthcare institutions and other companies.

Contributing to Healthcare by Funding University Courses

Since fiscal 2004, Sysmex Corporation has contributed funds to a course of assessment of clinical testing at the Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine and promoted joint research on new clinical testing technologies. This course is currently collaborating with Sysmexʼs Central Research Laboratories on the development of highly precise yet simple diagnosis technologies for determining the risk of cardiovascular disease by evaluating the function of high-density lipoproteins.

In fiscal 2017, we established two new funded courses in the field of international clinical cancer research. The courses aim to apply leading-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence and robotics technology, to the surgical domain and establish surgical treatment methods for cancer that are minimally invasive and offer complete cures. In collaboration with these funded courses, Sysmex will promote R&D of next-generation medical care and new medical devices by utilizing its liquid biopsy technologies and Medicaroidʼs robotics technologies.

Contributing to Healthcare through Foundations

In 1984, Taro Nakatani, the founder of TOA MEDICAL ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. (current Sysmex Corporation) established the Nakatani Foundation of electronic Measuring Technology Advancement. In 2012, the foundation changed its name to the Nakatani Foundation for Advancement of Measuring Technologies in Biomedical Engineering. The foundationʼs core activity is to provide grants for leading-edge technology development in the field of biomedical engineering measurement, providing awards to researchers and offering technology exchange grants.

From the time of its launch through fiscal 2017, the foundation has provided 445 grants amounting to a cumulative* ¥1,680 million.

* The cumulative amount of grant money includes long-term and large-scale research grants and special research grants, which are for multiple years.

Theme Content Company
Human Resource Cultivation Cultivation of engineers in collaboration with a university (Shanghai Medical Instrumentation College) Sysmex Shanghai
Physical Support
Joint development of a system to operative vehicles for supplying drugs as a disaster countermeasure (collaboration with the Hyogo Pharmaceutical Society and Shinkai Transport Systems) Sysmex Corporation
Awareness Activities Participated as a partner company in the Cancer Screening Corporate Action, a national project aimed at achieving a 50% rate for cancer screening Sysmex Corporation
Production of illustrated books to promote education and awareness Sysmex Corporation
Participation in the Making Strides charity walk to eliminate breast cancer Sysmex America
Participation in the Rowing against Cancer Charity, a charity event to eliminate cancer Sysmex
Cooperation in the Wacoal Pink Ride movement to eliminate breast cancer Sysmex
Contributions to International Cooperation Hosting of JICA trainees (44 people from 37 countries) Sysmex Corporation
Donations and Sponsorship Donation to the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT Fund) Sysmex Corporation
Donation to ILFAR, an NPO dedicated to building an HIV/AIDS treatment infrastructure in Kenya Sysmex Corporation
Donation to the Zero Malaria 2030 Campaign (Malaria No More Japan, a designated NPO), a publicity activity toward creating a malaria-free world Sysmex Corporation
Donation to Kindney Kids NZ, an organization that provides support to children with kidney disease Sysmex
New Zealand
Donation to the Ronald McDonald House, which provides accommodation to children with diseases, as well as their parents Sysmex
New Zealand

Illustrated books(Sysmex Corporation)Illustrated books to promote education and awareness
(Sysmex Corporation)

Employees participating in a charity walk<br>(Sysmex America)Participated in charity walk “Making Strides 2017,” aiming to eradicate breast cancer
(Sysmex America)

Participation in the Rowing against Cancer Charity, a charity event to eliminate cancer(Sysmex Europe)Participation in the Rowing against Cancer Charity, a charity event to eliminate cancer
(Sysmex Europe)

Establishment of a Vibrant Community

Sponsorship of the Kobe Marathon 2017

Employee volunteers handing out water Employee volunteers handing out water

Sysmex Corporation has been a special sponsor of this event since its inception. With a theme of “Thanks and Friendship,” the Kobe Marathon is meant to express the gratitude of the people of the Kobe area to everyone who assisted in the reconstruction of the region following the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.

As a special sponsor of the Kobe Marathon 2017, held in November 2017, we provided runners’ bib numbers and exhibited at the Kobe Marathon EXPO. We also fielded volunteers who provided operational support.

Holding Events for Communication with the Local Community

Technopark Festa (Sysmex Corporation)Technopark Festa (Sysmex Corporation)

Every year, Sysmex Corporation invites community residents to its offices to strengthen its relationship with the local community. In May 2017, we opened the gardens at Technopark for an event in which some 750 members of the local community joined and strolled about the grounds. On the day, we held a lecture themed on “diabetes and post-prandial blood glucose.” Participants also took part in a health check using ASTRIM FIT, our product for checking estimated blood hemoglobin levels without sampling.

Helping to Repair Homes for Low-Income People and Being Selected for the Companies That Care Honor Roll

Sysmex America supports activities conducted by Habitat for Humanity, an international NGO. This organization takes part in efforts to provide homes for low-income people in more than 70 countries around the world. The company provided donations for home repairs and support through employee volunteers. The company was also selected for the Companies That Care Honor Roll 2018, sponsored by Companies That Care, a U.S. nonprofit organization. For 10 consecutive years, Sysmex America has been selected for this honor roll, which identifies companies of excellence in a variety of areas, such as cultivating leaders, employee compensation, extensive welfare, work–life balance, a pleasant working environment and volunteer activities in the region.

Helping to repair homes for low-income people through Habitat for Humanity (Sysmex America)Helping to repair homes for low-income people through Habitat for Humanity
(Sysmex America)

Selected for the Companies That Care Honor Roll for the 10th consecutive year (Sysmex America)Selected for the Companies That Care Honor Roll for the 10th consecutive year
(Sysmex America)

Theme Content Company
Cultivation of the Next Generation Holding of on-site lecture, “Blood Is Important” Sysmex Corporation
Hosted the Try-yaru Week workplace experience program
Participation in the Science Fair in Hyogo, an event including companies, universities and research institutions
Hosting of overseas interns
Participation in Global Human Resource Development Community, a public–private partnership study-abroad program
Support to Stimulate the Local Economy and
Contribute to Cultural Development
Opening of Minato Ijinkan to the public Sysmex Corporation
Support for the Promotion of Sports Signing of affiliation agreements with figure skaters Mai Mihara and Kaori Sakamoto Sysmex Corporation
Sponsorship of Vissel Kobe, a Japanese professional J. League soccer club
Nature Preservation and
Clean-up Activities
Forest conservation activities through the Sysmex Forest Sysmex Corporation
Employee clean-up activities around business offices
Local Communities Introduction of Ride High, an in-house charity to support poor children Sysmex UK
Participated in the “My Future Project” to support poor students, provided work experience opportunities and conducted education Sysmex Hong Kong
Support for vocational training of youths with disabilities (helping make ice cream) Sysmex Asia Pacific
Participated in the “PERTIWI Soup Kitchen,” which provides support for the homeless, distributing food to around 1,000 people  Sysmex Malaysia
Invited orphans and held an exchange event with employees Sysmex Malaysia

On-site lecture (Sysmex Corporation) On-site lecture (Sysmex Corporation)

My Future Project, employment support for poor students (Sysmex Hong Kong)My Future Project, employment support for poor students (Sysmex Hong Kong)

PERTIWI Soup Kitchen, support for homeless people (Sysmex Malaysia)PERTIWI Soup Kitchen, support for homeless people
(Sysmex Malaysia)

Events interacting with orphans (Sysmex Malaysia)Events interacting with orphans
(Sysmex Malaysia)

Employee Volunteer Activities

(Left) © UNICEF/UNI150956/Asselin (Center) © UNICEF/UNI108970/Asselin (Right)© UNICEF/UNI179689/Markisz Courtesy of: Japan Committee for UNICEF

(Left) © UNICEF/UNI150956/Asselin
(Center) © UNICEF/UNI108970/Asselin
(Right)© UNICEF/UNI179689/Markisz
Courtesy of: Japan Committee for UNICEF

Sysmex encourages employee volunteer activities. To promote these activities, we have introduced a Social Contribution Point Program. Under this program, employees earn points for participating in social contribution activities, as well as social contribution events sponsored by the Company, and the Company makes donations based on the number of points. Some 37% of Sysmex employees in Japan, or 1,319 people, participated in this program, resulting in around ¥1.60 million in donations. Japan Heart, an NPO receiving donations through the Social Contribution Point Program held an event inviting child cancer patients and their families to Kidzania Koshien. Fifteen Sysmex employees volunteered to take part in the activity, accompanying participants and taking photos.

Employees at business offices planned volunteer activities, donating used books and clothes to NPOs and foster homes.

Volunteer activities at Kidzania KoshienVolunteer activities at Kidzania Koshien

Donations of used books and clothing to foster homesDonations of used books and clothing to foster homes

Employees at Sysmex, which provides the testing instruments used for blood donations, are also active participants in blood donations. Sysmex Corporation has been registered as a “blood donation supporting company” since fiscal 2014, and around 400 employees of Group companies in Japan took part in blood donations in fiscal 2017.

Sysmex America, Sysmex Thailand, Sysmex Indonesia and Sysmex New Zealand also regularly conduct blood donation activities.

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