CSR Management

Stakeholder Relations

Stakeholder Communications

Through communication with its stakeholders, Sysmex checks whether it is responding to stakeholders’ requests and expectations through its business activities. The results are reflected in various business activities.

Main Dialogue Achievements in Fiscal 2017
Dialogue with Customers
  • Conducted survey on degree of customer satisfaction in each region
  • Held scientific seminars in each region
  • Held user group meetings to communicate accurate product knowledge in each region
  • Held customer training program incorporating customer feedback in each region
Dialogue with Employees
  • Conducted employee questionnaires and interviews
  • Held hearings for all employees about their aspirations in relation to career design (voluntary reporting system)1
  • Held dialogues with labor unions2

1 Sysmex Corporation

2 Sysmex Corporation, Sysmex Shanghai, Jinan Sysmex, Sysmex Wuxi, Sysmex Vietnam, Sysmex Thailand, HYPHEN BioMed

Dialogue with Business Partners
  • Conducted supplier briefings
  • Held meeting for distributors
Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors
  • Held Ordinary General Meeting and informal meeting with shareholders
  • Held the Technology Presentation for institutional investors and analysts
  • Held informational meetings and Company tours for individual investors
Dialogue with Members of the Local Community
  • Held event for local community interaction at R&D core Technopark
  • Engaged in dialogue with community through social contribution activities around the world

Stakeholder Dialogue

Sysmex identifies priority issues, materiality, and develops specific action plans, which it pursues through its CSR activities. We recently engaged in dialogue with a third-party expert concerning Sysmex’s materiality, as well as our thoughts and directions for promoting CSR going forward.

“Sysmex’s Materiality and CSR Ideals”

Date: December 19, 2017
Location: Sysmex Corporation’s head office
Katsuhiko Kokubu
Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration,
Kobe University
Noriko Okada
Executive Vice President, Corporate Communication Division
Emiko Takahashi
Vice President, CSR Promotion Department, Corporate Communication Division
Eriko Nashioka
Representative Director of IEMA, CPA

Katsuhiko KokubuKatsuhiko Kokubu

Eriko Nashioka Eriko Nashioka


Stakeholder Comments (Excerpt)

Category Comments
The Significance of CSR at Sysmex
  • As a company involved in healthcare and based in Kobe, the epicenter of the Great Hanshin Earthquake, Sysmex is deeply aware of its responsibility to society. Sysmex needs to have a broad understanding of society’s needs in order to remain a company that society considers to be necessary.
  • Out of all the numerous issues society faces, it is important to clarify the reasons for selecting specific materiality items and taking action on them.
  • Rather than frequently revising materiality items, it is best to pursue activities for around three years, employing the PDCA cycle.
Setting KPIs for CSR Activities
  • KPIs are necessary when pursuing CSR activities, but it is not necessary to assign numerical targets to all issues. It is fine to set numerical targets as KPIs for areas that require improvement; for areas that do not require improvement, the KPI could be to maintain target levels.
CSR Ideals
  • CSR should be positioned as a topic for debate at meetings of the Managing Board; it is important to link CSR and governance.
  • The Social Contribution Point Program is a good example of how employees take a leading role in promoting CSR and of support for employees’ corporate citizenship activities.

Sysmex’s Comments

We plan to reaffirm why materiality is important to us and consider the timing of revisions and the setting of KPIs. We will take on board the opinions we have heard today as part of our broad understanding of society’s needs, and incorporate them into our CSR activities going forward.