CSR Management

Stakeholder Relations

Stakeholder Communications

Through communication with its stakeholders, Sysmex checks whether it is responding to their requests and expectations through our business activities. The results are reflected in various business activities.

Main Dialogue Achievements in Fiscal 2018

Dialogue with Customers in Each Region
  • Conducted survey on degree of customer satisfaction
  • Held scientific seminars
  • Held user group meetings to communicate accurate product information
  • Held customer training programs incorporating customer feedback
Dialogue with Employees
  • Conducted employee questionnaires and interviews
  • Held hearings for all employees about their aspirations in relation to career design (voluntary reporting system)1
  • Held dialogues with labor unions2
  1. Sysmex Corporation
  2. Sysmex Corporation, Sysmex Shanghai, Jinan Sysmex, Sysmex Wuxi, Sysmex Vietnam, Sysmex Thailand, HYPHEN BioMed
Dialogue with Business Partners
  • Conducted supplier briefings
  • Held meetings for distributors
Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors
  • Held Ordinary General Meeting and informal meetings with shareholders
  • Held Financial Results Briefings and Technology Presentations for institutional investors and analysts
  • Held informational meetings and Company tours for individual investors
Dialogue with Members of the Local Community
  • Sponsored the Kobe Marathon and fielded employee volunteers, who provided operational support
  • Held event for local community interaction at R&D core Technopark
  • Engaged in dialogues with the community through social contribution activities around the world

Engaging in Dialogue with Stakeholders

Activity to Commemorate our 50th Anniversary of Establishment: Future Project (MIRAI LABO) 

In 2018, Sysmex celebrated the 50th anniversary of its establishment. To commemorate this milestone, we engaged in future project (MIRAI LABO) activities, with employees from all regions of the world taking part in this anniversary project.

Themed on “Workplace Communication: Taking on the Challenge toward the Future of Sysmex”, the MIRAI LABO involved discussions, including about the roles of the employees themselves, with regard to “Work and Sysmex: Looking 5–10 Years into the Future” and “Ideas and Challenges for Invigorating Communication throughout the Group”. A variety of opinions and proposals were shared via Sysmex’s internal social network, which was put in place for the 50th anniversary project, encouraging two-way communication.

Going forward, we will continue to invigorate workplace communication through interdepartmental exchanges, study sessions, and our internal social network.

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