Risk Management

Information Security

Enhancing Information Security

Sysmex enacts cyber-security measures for our products and services. We have formulated a Group-wide product security policy and have begun risk management initiatives from the time of product design through manufacture and post-launch.

In addition, the Group handles data about its customers, and on the entities with which it collaborates on R&D and other testing, as well as information on the Companyʼs proprietary technologies. We recognize the importance of protecting information such as this, as well as other important corporate secrets, and view any leak of such information as an important risk to the Group. Accordingly, we have in place structures to prevent this risk from materializing. We have formulated consistent global regulations for information security and corporate secrets for all Group companies, strengthening measures to prevent information leaks and to counter cyber threats. Group companies in Japan also regularly conduct e-learning related to information security and corporate secrets.

To allow the Skyfront Research Campus to conduct research involving gene sequences and other personal information, in 2019 we obtained international ISO 27001 certification related to our information security management system (ISMS). The Service and Support Division at Sysmex CNA has also received certification, ensuring the confidentiality, completeness, and availability of the information it handles.