Risk Management

Disaster Response

Creation of a Structure for Responding Swiftly in Times of Emergency

Sysmex has formulated individual business continuity plans (BCPs) for manufacturing, procurement and other functions, to ensure the Company is able to meet its social responsibility of providing a stable supply of products and services to medical institutions in the event of disasters and other crisis situations. Our BCPs identify products to be given provision priority so that our instruments can continue to function in a stable manner at healthcare institutions even in crisis situations. We have also prepared disaster-response regulations and manuals, including basic disaster-response regulations, putting in place systems that enable us to respond swiftly in emergencies.

We have introduced safety confirmation tools at Group companies in Japan as a means of emergency communication. Sysmex has also installed wireless digital equipment at business offices in Japan, putting in place a system for communicating in the event of a communication blackout. We have also amassed stockpiles of supplies and other items to assist stranded personnel, setting aside enough items for every employee. Furthermore, we conduct e-learning on disaster prevention and response, BCP awareness education and simulation training to augment BCP effectiveness.

The groupwide backbone IT system that Sysmex operates is located at external, disaster-resistant data centers. In addition, we created a backup structure so that we can quickly switch to a backup system in the event that disaster renders our regular system inoperable.