Research Ethics

Research Ethics

Conducting Appropriate R&D Activities

As defined in “4. Implementation of Appropriate Research and Development Activities” of the Global Compliance Code, when carrying out research and development, Sysmex protects the dignity, privacy, and human rights of trial subjects, and complies with applicable laws and regulations in individual countries and regions to carry out its research activities in accordance with high ethical standards. In addition, Sysmex has adopted the Ethics Regulations on Clinical Research and Development and Human Genome and Genetic Analysis Research and also established a Research Ethics Examination Committee, which includes outside members such as legal and science experts, in order to review research content. The list of committee members and deliberation results are disclosed on our website, thus ensuring transparency.

Consideration for Animal Experiments

Item “4.4 Animal experiments” of the Global Compliance Code states that when conducting animal experiments, we shall comply with applicable laws and regulations related to animal protection, and we shall limit such experiments to a minimum by studying the use of alternative methods. When animal experiments are necessary, we shall take all reasonable steps to minimize the animals’ pain. We conduct animal experiments in line with internal regulations that conform with public guidelines. Our Testing Control Committee rigorously deliberate testing plans to ensure their regulatory conformance.

Guidelines Sysmex Follows
  • Act on Welfare and Management of Animals (Ministry of the Environment)
  • Standards Relating to the Care and Management of Laboratory Animals and Relief of Pain (Ministry of the Environment)
  • Fundamental Guidelines for Proper Conduct of Animal Experiment and Related Activities in Academic Research Institutions (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
  • Guidelines for Proper Conduct of Animal Experiments (Science Council of Japan)