Intellectual Property Management

Policy on Respect for Intellectual Property

Sysmex accords third-party intellectual property rights the same level of respect as it does its own. As defined in item “5. To Respect Intellectual Property” of the Sysmex Global Governance Code, we will not unlawfully acquire or utilize any confidential business information or the proprietary assets of others. We promote a thorough understanding of these rules for compliance by all executives and employees throughout the Group.


When applying for patents to protect our own intellectual property and responding to third parties' intellectual property rights, members of the intellectual property, R&D and business development departments conduct and discuss patent reviews globally for each new product development project.


We conduct level-based (beginner, intermediate, advanced and senior management) training in our R&D and business development divisions on the importance of obtaining intellectual property rights, managing these rights appropriately, and respecting their significance. In this way, we are enhancing the awareness of intellectual property.