Preparation of Standards and Provision of Education on the Prevention of Bribery

As one of its voluntary corporate efforts in accordance with the spirit of the UN Global Compact, Sysmex undertakes thorough efforts to prevent bribery, in line with Principle 10, which states that “Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.”

The momentum of efforts to eradicate corruption is gathering pace throughout the world, and various countries are enacting laws and stepping up enforcement. Against this backdrop, Sysmex clearly prohibits bribery in its Global Compliance Code, which applies to all executives and employees. In addition, we are encouraging a thorough understanding throughout the Group of our anti-bribery regulations, which cover such topics as banned items, due diligence, the provision of education, and management systems.

We have also prepared guidebooks related to legal systems in key countries, including Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and China, and conduct e-learning and other types of education and training.

Overview of Anti-Bribery Regulations

  1. Sysmex prohibits the provision of money and other tangible or intangible benefits to public officials, and people who are not public officials, for the purpose of obtaining illicit profits, such as acquiring business or for the sake of business convenience.*

    * Such acts include avoiding or simplifying administrative procedures, obtaining or maintaining business opportunities, obtaining accommodation on bids, or obtaining confidential information.

  2. Prior to conducting new transactions, or during mergers and acquisitions, in addition to routine checks of a counterparty’s origin, background, and business details, Sysmex investigates whether the counterparty has relationships with public officials or past involvement in bribery cases.
  3. Sysmex prohibits the payment to business partners and other parties of bribes or other payments that could be construed as bribes.
  4. Sysmex has in place and operates a system for conducting regular education and training of Group executives and employees in relation to bribery prevention.
  5. Group officers and employees who become aware of actions that contravene, or that could be construed as contravening these regulations must report such actions promptly to a compliance manager.

Transparency in Relationships with Medical Institutions

Responses in Japan

Transactions based on a high level of ethics are required at every stage of our operations—from research and development to manufacturing, sales and after-sales support—as the number of opportunities for collaboration with medical institutions and medical professionals is increasing.

Sysmex Corporation and Sysmex International Reagents, which are members of the Japan Association of Clinical Reagents Industries, concur with the philosophy outlined in the association’s “Guidelines on Transparency of Relationships between Corporate Activities and Medical Institutions” (2011), and disclose information related to funding provided to medical institutions.

Responses Overseas

Sunshine Acts have been enacted in the US, France and Belgium. We report relevant payments or transfers of value to each government regularly.*

* We also disclose this on our web site.