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Environmental Consideration

Reduction in Environmental Burden through Activities at Business Offices:
Resource Circulation

Managing and Recycling Waste

Reducing Waste and Promoting a Stable Recycling Rate

Sysmex engages in ongoing initiatives to reduce waste and increase the recycling rate.

As our business grows, our total amount of waste increases due to the establishment and expansion of new locations and to a rising number of employees. However, as a result of business office initiatives our Group recycling rate remains high, at 91.3%.

Waste-Reduction Initiatives
Company Initiative
Sysmex Corporation Reuse the glass waste formerly processed at landfills as a road paving material, achieving material recycling of glass waste
Sysmex RA Introduction of ethanol reuse equipment to process previously incinerated waste ethanol, reducing the amount emitted as waste to one-seventh
Sysmex Wuxi Reuse of the polyethylene bags used to package purchased parts as trash bags
Business office recycling rate
Business office recycling rate
Scope of data: Factories and major business offices where products and/or chemical substances are handled
Sysmex Corporation (Kakogawa Factory, i-Square), Sysmex International Reagents (Ono Factory, Seishin Factory), Sysmex Medica, Sysmex RA, Sysmex Europe (Reagent factory in Germany), Sysmex Brazil, Sysmex Reagents America, Sysmex India, Sysmex Asia Pacific, Jinan Sysmex, Sysmex Wuxi
[Major Business Offices]
Sysmex Corporation (head office, Technopark, Solution Center)

Using Water Resources Effectively

Reducing Water Use and Appropriately Processing Wastewater

Sysmex uses water, both above-ground and underground water, in its business activities, such as its core reagent production. Recognizing the reduction of water use as an important social responsibility, Sysmex sets targets for the reduction of water use in Sysmex Eco-Vision 2025, and is working to improve the efficiency of water use at individual sites.

In fiscal 2017 our water usage (per unit of production volume) improved approximately 9% year on year, resulting in an 8% increase against our Eco-Vision 2020 base year for water usage.

Major Initiatives at Business Offices
Company Initiative
Reagent factories in Japan Promote improvements in production efficiency, reduce work hours and decrease water use
Sysmex Asia Pacific Upgrade of the ultrapure water plant and recycling waste water through reverse osmosis when the factory is not in operation
Sysmex India Recycle industrial wastewater after treatment, use for watering greenery around factory
Water Use at Reagent Factories
グラフ: Water Use at Reagent Factories
Scope of data: Reagent factories (9 locations)
Sysmex International Reagents (Ono Factory, Seishin Factory), Sysmex Europe (Reagent factory in Germany), Sysmex Brazil, Sysmex Reagents America, Sysmex India, Sysmex Asia Pacific, Jinan Sysmex, Sysmex Wuxi

Reducing Paper Use

Promoting Digital Data

Sysmex Corporation is working to reduce the use of paper by utilizing personal computers, tablets and smartphones to send and receive data electronically. These efforts have boosted operating efficiency and cut down on paper use and waste volume.

The use of electronic data facilitates the sending of agenda information to meeting attendees ahead of time. Checking and considering this information in advance has made meetings more efficient and shorter. Eschewing the use of paper for storing materials also helps reduce the risk of internal information leaks. Sysmex Korea has installed an approval system that has reduced paper use by 20,000 sheets. We have also begun cutting down on paper use by providing suppliers with product drawings as electronic data rather than on paper.

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