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Environmental Consideration

Reduction in Environmental Burden through Activities at Business Offices:
Preventing Pollution

Managing Chemical Substances

Determining the Status of Storage and Use and Managing Harmful Substances

Sysmex uses chemical substances in its product R&D and manufacturing processes. In addition to preventing losses or leaks, we strive to manage chemical substances appropriately to prevent damage to the health of employees working on-site.

Methods for Managing Harmful Substances
Company Initiative
Sysmex Corporation
  • We have established a Chemical Substance Management Committee and are reducing chemical accidents, educating related divisions and otherwise enhancing the management system (Technopark).
  • At the Scientific Laboratory, we conduct thorough chemical substance management based on the Scientific Affairs Division Standards for Laboratory Management (Solution Center).
Sysmex International Reagents We use ID cards and fingerprint recognition to prevent unregistered personnel from entering areas where deleterious and hazardous substances are stored.

Emission of Harmful Substances and Management and Processing with Regard to Their Release into the Water and Atmosphere

Managing and Processing Harmful Substances

As preparation against the danger of infection by biological substances, we strictly control the locations where such substances are stored and used, based on manuals. Also, these substances are carefully segregated from general waste for proper disposal.

For other harmful substances, we work to prevent aerial drift, dispersion and groundwater permeation through countermeasures addressing both facilities and management methods. In these ways, we endeavor to keep emissions below statutory standard values.

Wastewater Management and Processing

Sysmex prioritizes the protection of water quality. We have created our own emission standards that we use to manage the wastewater from development locations and factories that use chemical substances, ensuring that waterways and underground water are not affected.

Methods of Managing and Processing Wastewater
Company Method
Sysmex International Reagents At the Ono Factory, we have introduced an alarm system that sounds an alarm when biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) exceeds standards, preventing the emission of liquids containing organic matter.
Sysmex RA We have introduced waste liquid processing equipment to heat-sterilize infectious waste, rendering it harmless before direct release into sewerage systems.
Sysmex America The company has introduced a new wastewater processing system at its reagent factory, removing boron-containing compounds from the waste produced during reagent manufacturing.

Management and Processing Related to Atmospheric Emissions

In response to the Fluorocarbons Emission Control Law, a revised version of which went into effect on April 1, 2015, Group companies in Japan established response manuals for individual companies. We clarified fluorocarbon-containing equipment we own or manage and worked to determine appropriate use, conducted inspections and determined calculated leakages. Sysmex Medica has installed local exhaust equipment in its cleaning chamber, using activated carbon to process gas being treated with organic solvents, reducing the off-premise impact.

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