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Lighting the way with diagnostics

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Lighting the way with diagnostics

We at Sysmex have been delivering products and services in the field of healthcare testing to our customers at medical institutes in over 190 countries and regions worldwide. We now accept the challenge to open a new future in healthcare by testing limits and reshaping the world of diagnostics.

The field of healthcare is in for great changes, as testing and diagnostics provide ever more reliable guidelines. Progress in testing and diagnostics for genes, cells, and proteins is making it possible to better understand an individual’s physical status and find the best possible treatment available for each patient.

At Sysmex, we have always exceeded customer expectations by creating value based on our unique perspective; collaborative work with different corporations and research institutes has put us at the forefront in the creation of new value.

Since our founding, Sysmex has made it a priority to deliver trust and confidence in all dealings with our stakeholders. We continue to reshape the field of healthcare testing and diagnostics through innovation to achieve this goal.

Lighting the way with diagnosticsLighting the way with diagnostics

Diagnostics has the potential to open the future of health care. We at Sysmex have set forth a new corporate message stating our intention to enhance diagnostic value with innovative testing, to bring greater trust and confidence to healthcare. Sysmex is moving forward to meet the challenge set out in our corporate message.