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Corporate Compliance Efforts

Ensuring the Ongoing Integrity of the Sysmex Group

Compliance is the most fundamental and essential for ensuring that a company fulfills its responsibility to society. Sysmex defines compliance as “the conduct of open and aboveboard business activities on the basis of observance of laws and regulations and high ethical standards.” To ensure that Sysmex is a group with integrity that is considered highly trustworthy by its customers and all other stakeholders, we have created a structure to ensure corporate compliance, and we conduct training and awareness activities to enhance awareness of corporate compliance.See the “Compliance” section for details.

Structure to Ensure Corporate Compliance

Since 2003, Sysmex has taken measures to set up internal rules and raise employee awareness regarding corporate compliance.

Sysmex has also strengthened overall Group compliance by appointing the chairperson of the Compliance Committee to the position of Group Compliance Officer.

■Corporate Compliance Structure

Initiatives to Ensure Corporate Compliance

Sysmex’s compliance efforts are aimed at helping every one of its employees to recognize corporate compliance as fundamental, and helping them to incorporate it naturally into everyday practice.

Sysmex has positioned employee education and awareness activities as a basic way of ensuring corporate compliance under the Global Compliance Code and has introduced corporate compliance programs into educational programs for new employees, as well as seminars for each rank, so that they can follow this code in their business practices. The Global Compliance Code defines the most important rules to be followed in our business operations. The code applies to all Group companies, and in addition to Japanese it has been translated into English and a number of other languages. Sysmex has also enriched educational tools, including a guidebook that supplements the Global Compliance Code with details about fair dealings and the prevention of bribery, insider trading, and discrimination and harassment, while encouraging well-planned and voluntary educational programs in each division and company.

Sysmex has set up points of contact for all employees to use for consultation about infractions of the Global Compliance Code or compliance-related problems, as well as for reporting. We have in place two lines: one internal, which is manned by people inside the Group, and one external, which is handled by an outside legal office. Employees can use either of these lines for consultations or reporting by e-mail, telephone or other means. Information received via these lines is handled anonymously, taking great care to prevent the person consulting or providing information from being identified.
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