Business Activities

Value Creation

The resolution of medical issues through the in vitro diagnostics (IVD)

Our business centers on in vitro diagnostics (IVD), based on our mission of “Shaping the advancement of healthcare.” This mission is expressed in the “Sysmex Way,” the corporate philosophy of the Sysmex Group. By leveraging our unique management resources, we provide high-value-added products and services, aiming to help increase patients’ quality of life (QOL) and curtail healthcare expenses.

Story of Value Creation

Story of Value Creation

The Management Resources Supporting Our Growth

Since its establishment, Sysmex has invested in R&D and M&A in the process of generating unique technologies and new products and services. In addition to reinforcing our management base and expanding our business portfolio in line with globalization, we have worked to achieve business model innovation and to acquire the management resources necessary to support future growth.

  • Stable Financial Foundation

    Stable Financial Foundation

    We established a highly profitable business model involving the provision of reagents, and service and support in addition to testing instruments.

  • R&D Capabilities

    R&D Capabilities

    We have established global R&D locations. In addition to reinforcing our technology platforms, we pursue joint R&D.

  • Production System

    Production System

    We have built structures to manufacture high-quality instruments in a highly efficient manner and produce reagents and ensure a stable supply to customers around the world.

  • Global Sales and Service Structure

    Global Sales and Service Structure

    Since our establishment, we have built a global sales and service structure, creating trust-based relationships with customers and leveraging our brand strength, as holding a No. 1 share of the hematology market.

  • ダミー

    Diverse Human Resources

    We have acquired diverse human resources through business globalization and M&A activities, etc. This has led to new innovation.

Provision of Value through Products and Services

By providing high-value-added products and services, Sysmex supports efforts to increase testing efficiency, provide better-quality healthcare and reduce the burden on patients. We also work with medical institutions to help resolve global medical issues.

Provision of Value to Medical Institutions

  • Diagnosis and Decisions on Treatment Methods
    (Better-quality healthcare, reduced burden on patients)

    • Basic testing to support people’s health
    • New testing to support decisions about treatment methods
  • Increases in Laboratory Efficiency

    • Innovative products
    • Network services utilizing ICT
    • Network solutions to increase laboratory efficiency
  • Improved Access to Healthcare

    • Support for skill enhancement among medical professionals
    • Support for the standardization and increased precision of testing data
    • Business development in emerging markets and developing countries

Provision of Value to Society

  • Extending Healthy Lifespans by Increasing QOL

    Provision of value to a global population of more than 7 billion (patients, people undergoing health checkups):

    • Helping reduce the burden on patients through early detection and treatment, as well as provision of optimal treatment methods and agents
    • Realizing appropriate healthcare through improved medical access
  • Configuration of Sustainable Healthcare Infrastructure by Curtailing Healthcare Expenses

    Provision of value to national and other government bodies and local communities:

    • Lowering total costs by increasing laboratory productivity
    • Reducing medical expenses through early detection and treatment, as well as selection of optimal treatment methods and agents

For details, see the Sysmex Report and the Sustainability Data Book.