Business Activities

Sales and Support Services

Reaching out to customers through a global network of operations, Sysmex meets their expectations by offering quality products and fine-tuned, after-sales support.

Solely for the benefit of customers—After-sales support

A global supplier of quality products, Sysmex also provides expertise in after-sales support, establishing a support structure that caters to the specific demands of each market.

In Japan, our customer support centers assist customers around the clock, 365 days a year. Our experienced staff offers expert trouble-shooting and responds to academic inquiries.

We also have call centers in the United States, China, and Germany, thus ensuring stable operation of their customers' instruments.

Monitoring customers' instruments in real time—Network support service

Our online support service provides remote maintenance and quality control of instruments for customers by connecting our customer support centers with their instruments.

This comprehensive service offers value-added support activities, such as failure prevention and customized support for individual usage.

Sponsoring scientific seminars to provide the latest academic information

With a view towards sharing the latest information and trends in hematology, which is one of its core businesses, Sysmex has sponsored an annual scientific seminar in Japan since 1978, playing host to a great number of doctors and clinical technologists.

We now also run seminars and symposiums in many countries around the world.