Business Activities

Research and Development

Sysmex is moving into broader fields, including hematological disease, immunological disease, infectious disease, cancer and chronic disease by fusing original technologies. Sysmex strives to create value-added testing and diagnosis technologies.

Providing highly valuable diagnostic testing to optimize and standardize medicine

Out of a sincere wish to utilize our unique technologies for the benefit of society, we have remained focused on advanced expertise and excellence in technology. We are successfully creating and establishing original technologies through the integration of a diverse range of technologies and know-how that covers electronics, mechanics, fluidics, optics, software, biology and chemistry.

As the industry seeks to offer medical treatment optimized for individual patients, the importance of testing continues to rise.

We are applying the latest technologies in the life science field to create new testing technologies that target a broader range of illnesses, such as hematological and immunological disease, infectious disease, cancer and chronic disease.

Creating new ideas from integrated R&D activities

In order to ensure that customer feedback is incorporated back into our products, we combine instrument, reagent and software technologies, among others, in the course of our product development.

These cutting-edge technologies and products are created through the combination of various functions, including technology, product planning and intellectual property, which work closely with R&D.