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Provided for use by medical professionals, high quality and stable supply are two absolute requirements for our products. Through the most rigorous quality control and global production setup, Sysmex provides quality products in a timely manner.

From Japan to the world—Producing instruments in Japan achieves premium product quality

Because accuracy in test results is an essential requirement for medical practices, instruments are required to offer the best possible level of quality.

To ensure quality products for our customers, Sysmex manufactures all of its instruments in Japan with rigorous quality control.

At i-Square, our core instrument manufacturing facility, we employ our proprietarily developed production management system and process management system to manage all manufacturing processes from raw material receipt through the assembly and final shipment.

By introducing cutting-edge production engineering and quality control technologies to instrument production, which requires special advanced technologies, we ensure a quality level held in high esteem throughout the world.

Ensuring stable supply—Reagent production bases around the world

Used for testing blood and urinary samples, reagents are essential for medical institutions. Because of this, rigorous quality control and stable, uninterrupted supply are two key requirements for reagent production.

Sysmex produces reagents at the Seishin Factory and Ono Factory, as well at overseas factories, thus ensuring a stable global supply of reagents.

The know-how in production engineering and the quality control system which have been developed at these “mother” factories in Japan is being shared with overseas reagent production bases, thus reinforcing our global production setup.

Rigorous quality control and environmental protection

At our instrument and reagent factories, we engage in the most rigorous quality control in accordance with international standards on quality control and quality assurance standards for medical instruments. These production bases have been certified to quality control standards applicable to medical instruments and pharmaceuticals, among others.

In accordance with our focus on environment protection, we are working to obtain certification for international standards, and our reagent factories in Europe, as well as key factories in Japan, have already obtained such certification for environmental management systems.