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Business Activities

Management Plans

Aiming for the advancement of healthcare

The corporate philosophy for the Sysmex Group, the “Sysmex Way,” defines its mission as “Shaping the advancement of healthcare.” On this basis, we have established a Long-Term Management Goals and a Mid-Term Management Plan aimed at contributing to the advancement of healthcare and a healthy life for people around the world.

Sysmex Group Long-Term Management Goals (2025)

Sysmex Group Long-Term Management Goals (2025)


  • Creating innovative diagnostic value as a global top-five company in IVD

    - Aim to become a global top-five company through sustained growth in our core businesses

    - In addition to increasing our share of the IVD market, which continues to grow globally, create new diagnostic value

  • A leading company in personalized diagnostics for optimizing medical treatment

    - Create new testing and diagnostic value that contributes to the selection of treatment methods

    - Fuse our measurement platforms with new technologies and knowledge acquired through open innovation and others

  • A solution provider contributing to the advancement of primary care diagnostics

    - Leverage the diagnostic technologies and IT we have cultivated in the IVD domain

    - Provide solutions that contribute to increased access to healthcare

  • An attractive company providing value and instilling confidence

    - Earn support from diverse stakeholders through distinctive technologies and business model, dynamic human resources and sound and advanced corporate management

  • One Sysmex carrying out high-speed management

    - Provide attractive workplaces where diverse human resources can exercise their talents

    - Make use of sophisticated teamwork to achieve efficient and high-speed management

Mid-Term Management Plan (Fiscal Years Ending March 31, 2018 to 2020)

Mid-Term Management Plan (Fiscal Years Ending March 31, 2018 to 2020)

Strengthen profitability (core businesses)

(1) Enhance profitability through market expansion in the hematology field

  • Achieve an undisputed No. 1 position in the United States
    (strengthen sales promotion on the West Coast, introduction at prominent commercial labs)
  • Strengthen sales to second-tier and lower hospitals in China
  • Realize high rates of growth in emerging markets

(2) Expand the urinalysis testing business by increasing new product sales

  • Realize an efficient work flow for urinalysis testing through a new concept
    (Urine chemistry + sediment + imaging instrument + data management)

(3) Bolster profitability by increasing our global share in the hemostasis field

  • Accelerate global development by leveraging our alliance with Siemens
  • Accelerate introduction of fibrin reagents* (China, Japan, etc.)
  • * Used to test for clotting abnormalities and thrombosis

(4) Expand business and improve profitability in the immunochemistry field in Japan, China and other parts of Asia

  • Expand business in the hepatic disease domain
  • Launch unique parameters in China and other parts of Asia
    (hepatic fibrosis test reagents, such as the M2BPGiTM assay kit)
  • Improve profitability by reducing cost of sales and expand sales

Invest in growth (next core businesses)

(5) Establish a foundation for the FCM business

  • Launch clinical FCM products
  • Step up sales promotion for research and industry use

(6) Increase the life science business

  • Promote the lab assay businesses of RIKEN GENESIS and Inostics
  • Enter the clinical PCR market, expand business related to gene testing
  • Expand the market for rapid detection of lymph node metastasis based on the OSNATM method

(7) Commercialize business in other new fields

  • Generate business in ultrahigh-sensitivity HISCLTM, cervical cancer screening systems, glucose AUC (postprandial hyperglycemia monitoring system) and other new areas

Promote reforms

(8) Enhance manufacturing speed and quality

  • Strengthen development and production capacity by establishing a bio-diagnostic reagent base
  • Maintain customer trust through high levels of quality and an enhanced system for stable supply

(9) Reinforce IT platforms to optimize operating processes

  • Optimize supply chain processes
  • Optimize engineering chain processes

(10) Strengthen human resource cultivation and human resource management to support Group growth

  • Step up recruiting and cultivation of human resources who are next-generation leaders and who have advanced specialties
  • Foster a working environment that embraces diverse human resources
    (Promote further diversity)

<Contribute to a sustainable society>

(11) In addition to efforts to resolve healthcare issues through our products and services, we will work to be environmentally considerate, reinforce corporate governance and promote diversity, thereby providing unique and new value to diverse stakeholders and contributing to the development of society.

Financial targets (Fiscal year ending March 31, 2020)

Net Sales ¥350.0 billion (CAGR* = 11.9%)
Operating income ¥72.0 billion (CAGR* = 11.7%)
(Operating margin of 20.6%)
ROE 20% or more
Operating cash flow ¥55.0 billion
Free cash flow ¥30.0 billion

Exchange rate assumptions: 1USD=¥110, 1EUR=¥115, 1CNY=¥16
*CAGR (compound annual growth rate): For fiscal years ending March 31, 2018 to 2020

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