Business Activities

Management Plans

Aiming for the advancement of healthcare

The corporate philosophy for the Sysmex Group, the "Sysmex Way," defines its mission as "Shaping the advancement of healthcare." On this basis, we have established a Long-Term Management Goals and a Mid-Term Management Plan aimed at contributing to the advancement of healthcare and a healthy life for people around the world.

Sysmex Group Long-Term Management Goals (2025)

Long-Term Vision

A "Unique & Advanced Healthcare Testing Company"


  • Creating innovative diagnostic value as a global top-five company in IVD

    - Aim to become a global top-five company through sustained growth in our core businesses

    - In addition to increasing our share of the IVD market, which continues to grow globally, create new diagnostic value

  • A leading company in personalized diagnostics for optimizing medical treatment

    - Create new testing and diagnostic value that contributes to the selection of treatment methods

    - Fuse our measurement platforms with new technologies and knowledge acquired through open innovation and others

  • A solution provider contributing to the advancement of primary care diagnostics

    - Leverage the diagnostic technologies and IT we have cultivated in the IVD domain

    - Provide solutions that contribute to increased access to healthcare

  • An attractive company providing value and instilling confidence

    - Earn support from diverse stakeholders through distinctive technologies and business model, dynamic human resources and sound and advanced corporate management

  • One Sysmex carrying out high-speed management

    - Provide attractive workplaces where diverse human resources can exercise their talents

    - Make use of sophisticated teamwork to achieve efficient and high-speed management

Sysmex Group Mid-Term Management Plan (Fiscal Years Ending March 31, 2020 to 2022)

Initiatives to Achieve the Long-Term Management Goals
  1. Reinforce strong growth in the IVD business
    • - Enhance IVD product development capabilities
    • - Increase market share in developed countries and harness growth opportunities in emerging markets in the hematology field
    • - Accelerate the market introduction of new products and increase reagent sales
  2. Accelerate commercialization of the life science business
    • - Promote the global rollout of OSNATM and FISH testing reagents
    • - Bolster presence in cancer genomic medicine
    • - Enter the market for liquid biopsy testing
  3. Enhance quality and quality assurance systems
    • - Strengthen quality assurance function to ensure the responsible provision of products and services
  4. Strengthen regulatory affairs function and clinical development capability that underpin our business
    • - Strengthen the regulatory affairs function and clinical development capability to take advantage of business opportunities at an early stage
  5. Restructure business processes through digitalization
    • - Install next-generation core system and renovate digital basis
  6. Innovate human resource management
    • - Step up the recruiting and cultivation of sophisticated and specialized human resources who are the next-generation leaders


Initiatives Targeting CSR Issues to Support Sustainable Growth Support Sustainable Growth

Financial Targets (Fiscal year ending March 31, 2022)

Assumed exchange rates during the period of the mid-term management plan:
1USD=¥110, 1EUR=¥125, 1CNY=¥16.5