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A society where people can have healthy, enriching, and fulfilling lives -

No matter the country or generation, people everywhere share this universal desire.
For the realization of a society where all people can live with peace of mind, global health care is now at a major turning point.

Thanks to an abundance of food and progress in medical technologies, the average life-span is lengthening in advanced countries. This in turn results in a steady increase in medical expenses, as people are more likely to contract various diseases during the course of their longer lives. To balance competing goals for quality medical services and efficiency of medical economics, recent years have seen a growing demand for healthcare for purposes of maintaining health ("preventive medicine"). At the same time, treatment has progressed based on advanced medical technologies such as regenerative medicine. In many countries with a graying populations, the role of medical services is expanding from treatment to prevention, and a variety of initiatives are being taken to resolve the many issues on the healthcare front.

Fast-growing emerging economies are busy developing their healthcare infrastructures such as social security systems, hospitals and so on, in addition to social infrastructures such as roads and buildings. While advanced medical institutions are seeking more advanced medical technologies, there are many who cannot afford even basic medical services and are on the verge of death from infections and other diseases. In order for everyone to live a life with safety and confidence, the development of medical infrastructures stands as a pressing issue in emerging countries.