Business Activities

Business Domains

There are many things that testing can do to enhance the quality of healthcare.
Sysmex is seeking to shape the new advancement of healthcare.

Testing essential for disease diagnosis and treatment

Clinical testing determines patients' physical conditions: whether they have any diseases, and, if so, the progress of the disease, thereby providing essential data by which hospitals can decide upon a treatment plan. Testing samples of blood, urine and cells (diagnostic testing) in particular, provides a variety of useful information and is often performed at many different institutions for various purposes. Sysmex is a comprehensive supplier of instruments, reagents and software necessary for diagnostic testing. By integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales support, we provide hospitals and commercial laboratories with quality products and support.

In advanced countries, healthcare reforms designed to curb spending are being implemented, requiring increased efficiency and quality of laboratory operations. Sysmex has taken in the industry lead in proposing automation throughout diagnostic testing. We are currently expanding our business focus from testing to all aspects of laboratory operation by developing solution services.
On the other hand, in emerging countries, where development of healthcare infrastructures is one of the top government priorities, the demand for diagnostics is rising sharply and playing an increasingly greater role in improving healthcare quality. Sysmex is underpinning the development of healthcare in emerging countries through its own sales and distribution networks.

Developing unique technologies to open up a new path for healthcare

In an attempt to realize advanced health care, we apply the latest technologies of gene and protein analysis to testing and diagnostic technologies that contribute to the achievement of better quality of life (QOL) for individual patients.

In addition to disease prevention, testing is performed at each stage of the treatment process for early discovery and treatment of diseases, decisions on treatment plans, and prognostic prediction.

As such, testing is expected to assume increasingly greater importance on the healthcare front.

From diagnosis and treatment to prevention and health maintenance.

Sysmex is involved in the medical and healthcare fields for the sake of healthy lives for people everywhere.

Diagnostics field

Automated Hematology Analyzer XN-Series

The diagnostics field involves instruments, reagents and software for analyzing samples of blood, urine and cells. Our instruments for measuring the number and functions of blood cells (hematology tests) and determining the activity of blood hemostasis (coagulation tests) enjoy a high reputation with customers, who place us as the number one brand in each market segment.

By combining quality instruments with a broad range of other products and services, such as reagents, software, instrument maintenance services and academic support, we are offering solutions that increase the efficiency and quality of laboratory operations.

Life science field

Gene Amplification Detector RD-200

Tapping into the wealth of technological know-how that it has amassed in the diagnostics business, Sysmex applies the latest technologies for gene, cell and protein analysis to the creation of innovative testing and diagnosis technologies.

Our priority R&D area here is the definitive diagnosis and recurrence prevention of cancer, and we are currently introducing technologies for rapid detection of cancer cell metastasis in lymph nodes to markets around the world.

We are also involved in R&D of technologies for predicting the effects of anti-cancer drugs slated for commercial launch. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to better patient quality of life (QOL).

Medical Robot Business

We are the exclusive distributor of Medicaroid products. Medicaroid Corporation was born in 2013 by a joint investment with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., a leading company of industrial robots, and Sysmex Corporation, which has inspection and diagnosis technology and has a network in the medical field. We will contribute to medical care not only in Japan but around the world through medical robots developed by Medicaroid, including the first Japan-made surgical assisted robot.

Other fields (Healthcare, etc.)


Our health monitoring analyzer for measuring estimated hemoglobin levels without the need for blood testing can be used to check an athlete’s condition, and can be used in a broad range of fields, including food and environmental research.

Also, applying the testing technologies we have developed for use in human analyzers, we are developing and selling automated hematology analyzers and reagents for animals.

In addition, by providing the service of producing proteins from silkworms using gene recombinant technology, we are helping to accelerate drug development.