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Sysmex posted higher net sales for the 15th consecutive fiscal year, and operating income rose for the 14th straight year.

Achieved Double-Digit Sales Growth, Centered on Overseas Regions, Due in Part to the Impact of Yen Depreciation
Sharply Higher Income, Benefiting from Effects of Higher Sales and Yen Depreciation

During the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015, net sales expanded by double digits, centered on overseas regions, thanks to part to the impact of yen depreciation. Furthermore, income was up sharply, due to higher sales and the impact of a weaker yen. As a result, net sales and all income categories reached new highs. Net sales rose 20.0% year on year, with operating income up 35.1%, ordinary income up 36.0% and net income up 29.5%. At the exchange rates prevailing one year earlier, net sales would have been up 13.9% and operating income up 13.6%.

In Japan, sales growth centered on the hematology*1 and immunochemistry fields. Overseas, sales were robust, centered on the hematology field, achieving double-digit growth in all geographic regions. Sales growth continued to be strong in China, rising 37.5% year on year, and was particularly pronounced in the hematology and hemostasis fields. This expansion in overseas sales drove the Sysmex Group's overseas sales ratio to 81.7%.

Our earlier dividend forecast called for a dividend of ¥32 per share (an interim dividend of ¥16 and a year-end dividend of ¥16). We now expect to pay a total dividend for the year of ¥38 per share, up ¥6 from our previous forecast. This corresponds to the 13th consecutive year of dividend increases, and a consolidated payout ratio of 29.6%. To enhance our return to shareholders, we have revised our dividend policy to a target consolidated payout ratio of 30%. We aim to maintain stable dividend levels going forward.

Our consolidated performance forecast for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016, is for net sales of ¥245.0 billion, operating income of ¥50.0 billion, ordinary income of ¥50.0 billion and net income attributable to owners of the parent of ¥31.8 billion*2. We expect to pay a dividend for the year totaling ¥40 per share.

I ask for the continued support of our shareholders.

*1 Hematology field: The field of in-vitro diagnostics that determines whether precise testing is necessary by analyzing the number, type and size of red, white and other blood cells.

*2 Exchange rates: Calculated on the basis of US$1.00 = ¥115 and €1.00 = ¥130.

Hisashi Ietsugu
Chairman and CEO


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President and CEO Hisashi Ietsugu
May 2015 
Hisashi Ietsugu
Chairman and CEO
Hisashi Ietsugu

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