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Realization of an Attractive Workplace

Development of Human Resource

Human Resource Development

Promoting Global Human Resource Development

Throughout the Group, Sysmex has more than 7,930 employees (as of March 31, 2017) building its business globally, with overseas employees accounting for more than 55% of this total. In order to put into practice the “Sysmex Way,” our Group corporate philosophy, under these circumstances and instill confidence in people around the world, augmenting the skills of individuals is important. We believe it is also essential to foster communication among diverse human resources, encouraging the mutual sharing of values and fostering new insights that will lead to new values and deepen cultural awareness through the joining of creative forces.

To this end, in fiscal 2014 Sysmex formulated a global human resource development system to facilitate human resource development throughout the Group. Under this system, we are promoting initiatives to enhance a sense of unity within the Group, develop next-generation human resources, strengthen networks within the Group, and foster cultural understanding.

Human Resource Development Based on Four Concepts

New employee trainingNew employee training

Based on its four concepts for human resource development, Sysmex Corportation operates a training system offering selective, rank-based and elective training that seeks to nurture personnel in a planned and gradual manner. In fiscal 2016, on average each employee underwent 19.4 hours of training, and average per-employee expenditure amounted to ¥108,000*. Furthermore, in April 2015 Sysmex opened the Global Communication Center in Okuike, Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture. This new facility aims to serve as a gathering place for people of diverse cultures and values, encouraging communication in surroundings that provide a break from everyday routines and foster broader networks. The center has a discussion area whose layout can be flexibly arranged to meet use requirements, and open spaces where people can sit and chat. At the center, we conduct training for new and other employees based on Sysmex's human resource development system, in addition to cross-divisional study sessions and training camp for global personnel. We also invite people from outside the Company with a diverse range of values to the center, so as to enhance communication and promote mutual understanding.

* This figure indicates training provided by the Human Resources Department and excludes certain types of training, such as self-development and training related to specialized work for divisions.

Four Concepts of Human Resource Development
  1. Link training, evaluation and work (show results)
  2. Promote globalization of the Sysmex Group
  3. Invest in ongoing human resource development
  4. Be a company that cultivates human resources and personal growth
Three Core Training Systems
Training Type Objective
Selective training
  • Cultivate global leaders
  • Cultivate future management personnel
Rank-based training
  • Acquire the minimum level of understanding and expertise in management and issue resolution required at each level
  • Promote communication between departments
Elective training
(Sysmex College)
  • Obtain practical expertise, knowledge and skills on business execution
  • Gain various types of business management expertise
Outline of the Global Communication Center
Location : Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture
Site area : 33,399m²
Floor space : 2,914m²
Facilities : Training room, conference room, collaboration space, theater room, lodging facilities, cafeteria, etc.

Global Communication Center (theater room)Global Communication Center (theater room)

Promoting Global Human Resource Development and Exchange

Cross-cultural experience trainingCross-cultural experience training

Interacting with employees in other regions through operational experiencesInteracting with employees in other regions through operational experiences

Sysmex introduced the Global Personnel Exchange Program in fiscal 2012 to promote mutual exchange between employees in Japan and at Group companies overseas. The program aims to strengthen ties through deeper mutual understanding.

In fiscal 2016, in November 20 employees from 11 countries in the EMEA*, Asia Pacific and China regions took part in training through this program. We held a session on the Sysmex Way, discussions with the executives at our headquarters in Kobe, internships, customer visits and other exchange programs. Through these programs, attendees could deepen their understanding of Japanese culture and Sysmex’s various functions. In June, September and December 2016, Japanese employees visited Sysmex America, Sysmex Asia Pacific and Sysmex Europe, touring facilities and meeting customers there, taking part in internships and exchanging perspectives with local employees. This exchange helped the Japanese employees learn about the functions and operations of overseas regional headquarters and their understanding of different cultures.

Through the Global Apprentice Program, we also send young employees to overseas subsidiaries to gain on-the-ground experience there.

Under this program, we solicit participation by employees who have a clear awareness of issues and wish to be active in the global environment. The program aims to cultivate future global human resources by providing employees with an opportunity to experience working overseas early in their careers. Upon their return, the employees participate in debriefing meetings. This approach helps to convey information about local issues and conditions to Sysmex in Japan. A total of 35 people had taken part in this program as of March 31, 2017.

* EMEA: Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Enhancing the Skills of Employees in Manufacturing Workplaces

Training at the Monozukuri Training Center

Training at the Monozukuri Training Center

Augmenting the technological skills of employees who engage in manufacturing processes is an important issue. The Monozukuri Training Center provides hands-on training throughout the year in the knowledge and skills needed to manufacture Sysmex instruments.

In fiscal 2016, we broke down training content into smaller segments to help employees in manufacturing workplaces gain accurate knowledge and skills more rapidly. This training was attended by 699 employees.

R&D Innovation Activity to Promote the Growth of Researchers

Presentation of results

Presentation of results

Sysmex Corporation inaugurated the R&D Innovation Activity in September 2013 to strengthen researchers’ teambuilding and proposal-making capabilities.

In addition to individual growth, this activity is people-focused, to foster high levels of technical and applied skills through a self-directed R&D organization in which people independently consider their own objectives, results and roles.

Managers, team leaders, and people in charge of projects help each other through a process in which participants recognize their own roles. Exchange meetings and results presentations were held at the end of the first and second half of the fiscal year, where teams and R&D personnel reported their results, confirming their mutual growth. Leaders from divisions that have taken part in the activity since its start pass on their learnings to the next generation of leaders, further reinforcing the R&D innovation activity.

Overseas Example (EMEA): Actively Supporting Employees’ Personal Growth

Training underway

Training underway

In addition to specialized skill development and personal development courses for employees, Sysmex Europe has in place language training programs (English and Japanese), and all employees undergo training on a regular basis.

For example, Sysmex Europe conducts "Sysmex Academy" providing product-related training and "HR Academy" to enhance "soft skills" like team-building, leadership and language proficiency through face-to-face lectures or e-learning. It also has "On-Boarding Training*" to support employee growth.

* An internal training method used to help newly hired employees to fit in organization’s environment quickly

Overseas Example (Asia Pacific): Concentrating on Boosting Employees’ Skills

Sysmex Asia Pacific collaborates with outside institutions to give all employees access to online training via Sysmex University such as e-learning program. By introducing employee skill development programs and cross-training to encourage mutual skill-building, the company works to help its employees develop their capabilities.

Alongside systems such as these, each employee’s plan for individual growth is set and the progress is checked every year.

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