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Realization of an Attractive Workplace

Provision of a Comfortable Working Environment

Fair Evaluation and Treatment

Equitably Evaluating Personnel Based on Abilities and Accomplishments

Sysmex Corporation values the spirit of independence and challenge, provides employees with opportunities for self-fulfillment and growth, and rewards them for their accomplishments. We remunerate employees appropriately, according to factors such as their occupations and qualifications, and base salaries are the same, regardless of gender.

Based on the principle of fair treatment, our basic approach toward evaluation is to "reward employees for capabilities that contribute to the enhancement of corporate value as well as for producing accomplishments." In addition to evaluating employees for their successes, we evaluate the processes leading to employee growth (competency evaluations). To achieve fairness and ensure that employees understand their evaluations, we show employees their evaluation results and their superiors' comments.

Basic Principles of the Personnel Management System
  1. Ensuring long-term employment
    • Establishing a double-linear-type competence-based rating frame that enables a diversity of employees to maximize their skills, and providing opportunities for self-realization and growth
  2. Promoting the development and cultivation of diverse human resources
    • Establishing competence-based rating standards and promoting cultivation of human resources and normalization of career advancement through clarification of promotion criteria
    • Evaluating not only accomplishments but also the processes of producing achievements (realization capability) in order to promote human resource development and the reform of corporate culture
  3. Rewarding employees for capabilities that contribute to the enhancement of corporate value as well as for producing accomplishments
    • Simplifying the relationship between evaluation and reward.
    • Creating a remuneration structure that is easy for everyone to understand and that rewards employees in accordance with their contribution, role, competency and accomplishments

Supporting Employee Career Design

Sysmex Corporation employs a voluntary reporting system for all employees. Under this system, each year we hold hearings for each employee to learn about their medium- to long-term career, overseas work and job category aspirations. The system affords each employee with the opportunity to consider their own career directions and life plan, as well as to affect their own skills development and placement according to the content of their reports.

The fiscal 2016 hearing included reporting by 90.3% of employees.

Promoting and Improving the Treatment of Contract and Temporary Employees

Sysmex Corporation actively hires contract employees and temporary employees as regular personnel. We have clarified our internal regulations for hiring people working on limited, fixed-term contracts, offering them fair opportunities for promotion. We put this information on our intranet to encourage thorough understanding of these rules. When renewing temporary employees’ contracts, for employees that meet certain conditions we notify temporary placement agencies of the possibility of employing such personnel directly. In addition to these initiatives, we have set up a specialized helpdesk to make it easy for contract and part-time employees to consult about improvements in business administration, and this information is noted in their contracts. By continuing with such efforts, in fiscal 2016 11 contract and temporary employees were promoted to full-time positions.

In 2016, we introduced a system for managing temporary employees, systematizing contract signing and attendance management. Managing conflicting dates and attendance strengthens our compliance, and we have increased efficiency by making the start-of-work and contract renewal procedures paperless. Coinciding with this introduction, we conducted training on the revised Worker Dispatching act for people in charge of divisions and people who give orders and instructions to temporary employees. This training was aimed at ensuring thorough awareness of the rules on business execution by temporary employees and matters that are prohibited under their contracts.

To provide a more comfortable working environment, we extended the flex-time system for regular employees to apply to contract employees, as well. This system enables employees to efficiently arrange their own working hours to suit individual circumstances, such as visiting the hospital or raising children. Going forward, we will revise our systems as appropriate to enhance our treatment of employees.

Introducing Internal Awards Systems to Motivate Employees

In fiscal 2011, Sysmex introduced the Group CEO Award system for recognizing individuals, divisions or groups that contribute most significantly to the realization of the Sysmex Way, our Group corporate philosophy, sharing these achievements throughout the Company each year. We provide awards for one individual and one group.

To motivate R&D engineers and heighten awareness of intellectual property, Sysmex Corporation has also introduced three patent award systems: the Patent Grand Prize/Patent Prize of Distinction, the Patent Meister and the Filing Commemoration Prize. We also present a Quality Award for success in quality improvements.

Overseas Example: Personnel Systems at Regional Headquarters

Our regional headquarters for the Americas, EMEA*, China and Asia Pacific have in place personnel systems in line with the legal frameworks and cultures of these regions.

In general, we use management by objectives approaches to evaluate personnel. To some degree, we also employ competency evaluations in the Americas, EMEA* and Asia Pacific. We use talent management education for cultivating personnel and conduct level-based training. In addition, these headquarters have in place an employee exchange program with Sysmex in Japan to promote global personnel intercourse and training.

* EMEA: Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Efforts to Enhance Employee Satisfaction

Sysmex conducts "corporate culture surveys" once every two years targeting all employees of the Sysmex Group. Employee satisfaction is one aspect of the surveys. Survey results are fed back to individual departments, where they serve as a basis for enhancing satisfaction levels further. Departments whose survey scores are flat receive visits from human resources department members, who offer advice on improvements. Members of human resources departments conduct interviews at the individual as well as the departmental level when considering reforms related to corporate culture and specific improvement measures.

Sysmex Corporation is striving to improve the working environment by providing opportunities to hear requests from non-Japanese employees, whose sensibilities and cultural backgrounds may differ from those of Japanese employees. Such requests have led to the introduction of vegetarian menu options in the corporate cafeteria and the translation of in-house bulletins into English. Raising employee satisfaction is a priority target we have identified, so we plan to accelerate such initiatives going forward.

Overseas Group companies are also conducting employee satisfaction surveys and undertaking initiatives to raise satisfaction levels.

Employee-Related Data

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