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Realization of an Attractive Workplace

Promotion of Diversity

Ensuring Diverse Human Resources

Embracing Diverse Personnel through Diversity and Inclusion

Sysmex Corporation has evolved from the practice of "diversity," which simply welcomes diverse human resources, to the more extensive practice of "diversity and inclusion." This approach involves creating a working environment that is amenable to a wide variety of human resources, recruiting and stationing them without regard for nationality, race, gender or disability. We also aim to foster new innovations and create value through the synergistic effects of diverse values, perspectives, experiences and skills.

Aiming to Equalize Employment Opportunities

Sysmex Corporation recruits new employees based the evaluation of individuals, without regard for gender, nationality, race, age, employment history or disability status. Specifically, we instituted year-round hiring to offer equal opportunities to people who had already graduated or had studied overseas and therefore might be at a disadvantage.

To ensure our ability to recruit personnel around the world, we conduct Company briefings and interviews overseas, as well as conducting Web-based briefings and interviews. As in the previous year, we continued to host interns in fiscal 2016, strengthening our measures to help overseas human resources gain a better knowledge of Sysmex. Due to such efforts, foreign nationals accounted for 13.8%* of new graduates hired in fiscal 2016.

* Excluding members of the Sysmex Women’s Track & Field Team

Promoting Employment of People with Disabilities

Sysmex Corporation encourages the employment of people with disabilities. Targeting long-term employment, we design working conditions to maximize individuals’ aptitudes and skills. In fiscal 2016, employment of people with disabilities amounted to 1.94%.

In a further effort to promote the employment of people with disabilities, in April 2017 we established Sysmex Harmony Co., Ltd., in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, as a new company to realize an inclusive society.

In addition, we are introducing Ostomates (toilets for people who have had colostomies or urostomies) and other barrier-free facilities, and each month a Safety and Health Committee member visits workplaces to confirm that facilities are easily navigable by wheelchair. These are examples of our ongoing efforts to create a working environment that is amenable to employees with disabilities.

Employing Seniors—System for Reemploying Post- Mandatory Retirement Age Workers

Sysmex Corporation’s mandatory retirement age is 60, but we have in place a system for rehiring until age 65 people who have retired at the mandatory retirement age and still wish to work. In fiscal 2016, 22 people who had reached the mandatory retirement age were rehired according to internal rules. We have also begun offering a flex-time system, facilitating diversity in working hours.

Promoting Women’s Career Activities

One aspect of our efforts to support the success of women is an initiative to cultivate female leaders. To date, we have put in place a number of leave systems and established an in-house daycare center to provide support for employees balancing work and child-rearing. As a result of these efforts, the percentage of female employees at Sysmex Corporation has risen from 19.9% in fiscal 2005 to 28.8% in fiscal 2016*. The percentage of female managers has also increased over that period, from 2.4% to 8.8%. Also, the percentage of female managers for the Sysmex Group as a whole was 16.2% in fiscal 2016.

In line with the April 2016 enforcement of the Act on the Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, we plan to step up our promotion of women’s career activities, providing an environment in which diverse human resources can work with a feeling of satisfaction and realizing a workplace that exemplifies diversity and inclusion.

* Based on the number of people employed. (Last fiscal year, the percentage was based on the number of people registered; results have been updated accordingly.)

Sysmex Corporation Receives the Highest-Level “Eruboshi” Certification as an Excellent Company Based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace


“Eruboshi” mark

Sysmex Corporation honors the individual of each employee and provides them with a workplace where they can realize their full potential. In 2016, we met all five criteria set by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for the promotion of women’s participation and received the highest ranking, Level 3, as an “Eruboshi” company, indicating superior initiatives to promote the active participation of women.

Percentage of Female Managers (Sysmex Corporation)
Percentage of Female Managers
Percentage of Female Employees* (Sysmex Corporation)
Percentage of Female Employees

* Based on the number of people employed. (Last fiscal year, the percentage was based on the number of people registered; results have been updated accordingly.)

Diversity Round Table

We conduct diversity round tables for people at various stages of life, providing opportunities to consider how to realize their capabilities, maintain the motivation necessary to continue working enthusiastically in their careers, and think about diverse working styles.

Overseas Example (Americas): Formulation and Enactment of an Affirmative Action Program

Sysmex America has designed and put in place an affirmative action program aimed at encouraging diversity.

Systems to Support Both Work and Child-Rearing

Providing a Host of Leave Systems and Supporting Child-Rearing with an In-House Daycare Center

In-house daycare center, Sysmex Kids ParkIn-house daycare center, Sysmex Kids Park

Next-generation support certification logo (nicknamed Next-generation support certification logo (nicknamed "Kurumin")

Sysmex Corporation has created diverse programs to provide support, from pre-natal to child-rearing. In addition to leave systems for fertility treatments and morning sickness, we offer child nursing leave until a child reaches two years of age, a system for shorter working hours until a child reaches junior high school age and a flex-time system that differs by type of work. When an employee needs to take time off work to nurse a child, they can do so under a program that allows them to use accumulated paid leave in addition to statutory leave.

In line with the growing demand for male employees to participate in childcare, we are considering a system that would allow men to take special leave prior to their spouse giving birth, offering two additional days to be taken within one month of the birth to make any necessary preparations. Employees are also eligible for "nurturing leave," under which they can take special leave of three consecutive days to care for children up to one year of age.

We have set up Sysmex Kids Park, an in-house daycare center that accepts babies and toddlers, at Technopark, our core R&D base. The center offers short-term as well as full-time daycare, so that employees whose spouses work on a part-time basis or who find it difficult to take care of their children due to caretakers’ illness, bereavement or other circumstances may also temporarily utilize the service.

Furthermore, we provide a reemployment system to enable employees who were forced to suspend their career paths due to child-raising with opportunities to resume their work. In recognition of its planned implementation of such systems, Sysmex Corporation received the next-generation support certification logo (nicknamed "Kurumin"*) from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

* Based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, companies that formulate business plans as general business operators, meet the targets designated by these plans, and meet certain standards may receive “Kurumin” certification as “companies that support child-rearing” by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Systems Related to Children
Use of Principal Support Systems (Fiscal 2016)
System Description Users
Shorter work hour system for child rearing Until a child completes the sixth year of elementary school
(Statutory requirement: Until the child reaches three years of age)
Leave of absence system (childcare leave, childbearing leave) Childcare leave: until the child turns two (Statutory requirement: In principle, until the child reaches one year of age) 59※1
Accumulated paid leave system※2 Accumulated paid leave for up to 10 days of annual paid vacation from previous years can be taken for child nursing or short-term nursing purposes
(Statutory requirement: Five days per fiscal year, 10 if two or more children or subject family members)
Reemployment system System to reemploy people who previously left the Company for childcare or nursing-related reasons 5 enrollment※3
In-house daycare system Daycare center provides care for infants and children up to entry into elementary school, which is available for full-time or temporary childcare. 32 children※1

*1 Regular employees, contract employees, senior contract employees and part-time employees at Sysmex Corporation (excluding people continuing from the previous fiscal year)

*2 In December 2016, we changed the unit of leave time that could be taken from one day to half day, morning or afternoon.

*3 Regular employees at Sysmex Corporation

Other Programs to Support a Work-Life Balance

Supporting Nursing Care, Corporate Citizenship Activities and Others

As one of our systems to realize a work-life balance among its employees, Sysmex Corporation offers short-term nursing care leave if seven or more consecutive days are required for the recovery of a family member undergoing medical consultations or to accompany family during hospital stays. This time can be deducted from accumulated leave in half-day increments, up to 40 days. (In December 2016, we changed the unit of leave time that could be taken from one day to half day, morning or afternoon.) In April 2014, we introduced a unique "income indemnity system" to provide a nursing care leave stipend, aiming to help offset the loss of income from taking leave, as well as unexpected expenses, for people taking one month or more of nursing care leave. Furthermore, we have a system for rehiring employees whose careers have been interrupted due to nursing care.

In addition to these, we have introduced a volunteer leave system. This program enables employees participating in social contribution activities to take up to 10 days of leave in a year, two of which are accounted for as paid leave. Other programs include donor leave, whereby bone marrow and other donors receive up to five days of paid leave each time. Through diverse systems of this nature, we work to support a work-life balance.

Systems Related to Nursing Care

Supporting a Return to the Workplace Following Leave

In February 2013, Sysmex Corporation introduced a new support system to facilitate the smooth return to work of employees who have taken childrearing or nursing care leave, and the employee is loaned a tablet or notebook PC that he or she can use to connect to the Sysmex email system and intranet. Three months prior to returning to work the employee on leave can begin viewing "in-house only" company information. We require employees to consult with their superiors before commencing use of this system. This provides an opportunity to communicate about working styles after returning to work before that time is actually reached.

Being cut off from the workplace can be an obstacle to a later smooth return. However, this set-up allows the employee to access Company information at home in real-time, and enables better communications with colleagues through email. This IT-based system helps the employee get through the leave period without experiencing the torment of feelings of alienation and loneliness, and also allows the employee to play an active role at the workplace upon his or her return.

Promoting the Use of Systems that Support a Work-Life Balance

Sysmex Corporation provides a dedicated site on the Internet to provide easy-to-understand explanations of its programs for supporting a work-life balance. We also hold briefings to promote awareness. We are gradually expanding the scope of application of our flex-time system, which enables employees to work flexible hours. In fiscal 2016, we extended the system to contract and senior contract employees. We also recommend taking advantage of flex-time on “Premium Fridays*.” In our leave system, employees can take paid leave and accumulated paid leave in half day, making the system easier to use. In addition, employees receive e-mail notifications about systems that the company particularly wish to encourage.

* Initiative of the government-business to have workers leave the office early on the last Friday

Overseas Example (Americas): Operating Numerous Systems to Help Manage Work-Life Balance

Employees of Sysmex BrazilEmployees of Sysmex Brazil

Sysmex America caters to diverse working styles by allowing employees to work at home and provide them with equipment necessary to do so. Employees who wish to may also opt for part-time or flex-time working arrangements.

To make everyday work more comfortable, Sysmex America has a casual dress code. The company also has in place a number of leave programs in addition to paid leave, such as congratulatory and condolence leave, family leave and healthcare leave. If a family member should suddenly fall ill, employees can receive support from third party making contracts with Sysmex America in order to facilitate a balance between childcare, nursing care and work.

In recognition of the company’s efforts to provide a comfortable workplace, in fiscal 2016 Sysmex America was selected for the Companies that Care Honor Roll for the ninth consecutive year. Also in the Americas, subsidiary Sysmex Brazil was named under Great Place to Work Brazil, establishing its reputation as good company to work for.

Overseas Example (EMEA*): Promoting a Comfortable Working Environment

Selected as a

Selected as a "Great Place to Work" for three consecutive years

Sysmex Europe supports various employee working styles, such as flex-time and systems of shortened working hours. The company also provides child-care allowances for working parents with children aged three or younger. It also concentrates on employee health management by providing a training room and other facilities, and invites sports professionals and dieticians to provide advice.

The company provides a spacious café area within its office where employees can meet informally and provides lunches free of charge. The company provides relaxing spaces for employees to work, as well. Offices are designed for one to three people, and employees have individual spaces where they can store personal items. As a result of these initiatives, Sysmex Europe has been named a “Great Place to Work” for three consecutive years.

* Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Overseas Example (Asia Pacific): Named HR Asia Best Companies to Work for In Asia 2016

Sysmex Malaysia receiving awardSysmex Malaysia receiving award

Sysmex Asia Pacific and Sysmex Malaysia were both named HR Asia Best Companies to Work for In Asia 2016. This award was based on evaluations of results of an employee survey sponsored by HR Asia on working environments and fulfilling work.

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