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Respect for Human Rights

Policies Related to Respect for Human Rights

Adhering to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILO’s Core Labour Standards, and the UN Global Compact

As indicated in "8. To Respect Human Rights and to Improve Occupational Health and Safety" of its Global Compliance Code, Sysmex has set forth clearly its adherence to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ILO's Core Labour Standards. In addition, we have formulated guidelines describing particularly important rules and behaviors for compliance with basic respect for human rights. Specifically, the code clarifies a variety of discriminatory actions that are not tolerated; prohibits sexual harassment, workplace bullying and other acts that ignore human rights; underscores prohibitions on child labor and forced or compulsory labor; and seeks to ensure a safe and comfortable workplace environment. We conduct training programs as needed to ensure the code is put into practice.

Sysmex also began participating in the United Nations Global Compact in February 2011, pledging to support and respect the protection of human rights and not be complicit in human rights abuses.

We have also established regulations and committees aimed at ensuring the human rights of subjects when engaging in human genome and genetic analysis research and clinical research and development.

Sysmex Group Global Compliance Code (Excerpt)
8.  To Respect Human Rights and to Improve Occupational Health and Safety

We shall support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Core Labour Standards, and respect fundamental human rights, and shall not commit acts such as discrimination or harassment. We shall also comply with applicable laws and regulations and endeavor to improve occupational health and safety. Further, we shall not commit any unfair labor practices against the personnel of the company

8-1 Prohibition of discrimination and harassment

We shall not discriminate regarding a person’s sex, age, nationality, race, origin, beliefs, religion, social status, lineage, illness, physical disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity, nor shall we behave in a manner that violates the dignity of any person, such as sexual or power harassment.

8-2 Privacy protection

We acknowledge the diverse values of people as individuals and shall respect their privacy. We shall not unnecessarily disclose private information we acquire in the course of our business to any third party, and shall not seek to unnecessarily obtain private information.

8-3 Prohibition of forced labor and child labor

We shall not detain any person against his or her will. We shall not hire persons below the minimum age of employment set forth by applicable laws or regulations.

8-4 Assurance of safety and health in the workplace

We shall comply with laws and regulations related to workplace safety and health to ensure every Officer/Employee works with peace of mind, and shall maintain and enhance the mental as well as the physical health of every Officer/Employee in a safe and comfortable working environment.

Identifying Risk to Human Rights (Human Rights Due Diligence)

According to item “8. To Respect Human rights ant to Improve Occupational Health and Safety” of the Sysmex Global Compliance Code, we believe it is necessary to conduct “human rights due diligence,” which involves identifying negative impacts on human rights, and preventing or reducing them through our business activities throughout the entire supply chain. One measure we have implemented is to conduct CSR surveys of our business partners. Survey topics include prohibiting forced and child labor and eliminating discrimination due to gender, disability, race or other factors. To ensure that Sysmex’s activities are not involved or complicit in human rights abuses, we ascertain impacts on human rights in advance and put in place measures to ensure prevention. At the same time, in response to the U.K. Modern Slavery Act, Sysmex has publicized its statement on the Sysmex UK website.

Consultation and Reporting Systems Related to Human Rights

Sysmex has set up "Campanula Lines" as an internal reporting system for Group companies in Japan to enable consultation related to sexual harassment and workplace bullying, among other topics. We also have internal reporting systems in place at Group companies overseas.

In addition, once each year Sysmex Corporation undertakes an employee survey to check on any behavior or attitudes that might be construed as workplace bullying or sexual harassment. Survey results are reported to executive vice presidents and vice presidents, and management training is conducted on the basis of these results.

Education and Training On Understanding Respect for Human Rights

Conducting Training to Prevent Human Rights Abuses

Sysmex strives to prevent human rights abuses by conducting training on prevention of harassment and regulations related to labor standards.

In fiscal 2016, we conducted training for 113 newly appointed managers on such topics as harassment, including LGBT*, personnel administration and the Workers Dispatch Act. We also held training for new employees and mid-career hires.

* Acronym referring to sexual minorities (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender)

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