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Corporate Citizenship Activities

Creation of a Healthy Society

In Japan and overseas, Sysmex works toward the creation of a fulfilling and healthy society by promoting cooperation among industry, government and academia and conducting educational and awareness activities in the healthcare field, providing educational and research grants and taking part in social contribution activities.

Activities in Japan

Participation in the Kobe Medical Industry Development Project

The Kobe Medical Industry Development Project aims to create a focal point among members of the healthcare industry in Kobe through industry–government–academia cooperation.

Sysmex has set up labs within the Translational Research Informatics Center (TRI), one of the project’s core facilities, and the Center for Biomedical Research Activities (BMA), where we promote clinical research and collaborative research with a variety of healthcare institutions and other companies.

Contributing to Healthcare by Funding University Courses

Since fiscal 2004, Sysmex Corporation has contributed funds to a course of assessment of clinical testing at the Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine and promoted joint research on new clinical testing technologies. This course is currently collaborating with Sysmex’s Central Research Laboratories on the development of highly precise yet simple diagnosis technologies for determining the risk of cardiovascular disease by evaluating the function of high-density lipoproteins.

In fiscal 2017, we established two new funded courses in the field of international clinical cancer research. The courses aim to apply leading-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence and robotics technology, to the surgical domain and establish surgical treatment methods for cancer that are minimally invasive and offer complete cures. In collaboration with these funded courses, Sysmex will promote R&D of next-generation medical care and new medical devices by utilizing its liquid biopsy technologies and Medicaroid’s robotics technologies.

Contributing to Healthcare through Foundations

In 1984, Taro Nakatani, the founder of TOA MEDICAL ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. (current Sysmex Corporation) established the Nakatani Foundation of electronic Measuring Technology Advancement. In 2012, the foundation changed its name to the Nakatani Foundation for Advancement of Measuring Technologies in Biomedical Engineering. The foundation’s core activity is to provide grants for leading-edge technology development in the field of biomedical engineering measurement, providing awards to researchers and offering technology exchange grants.

Since the 30th anniversary of its founding in fiscal 2014, the foundation has broadened its target, commencing grant activities to promote science education at junior and senior high schools. The foundation also set up an international exchange program for university students in the sciences aimed at cultivating researchers who can be active globally. In 2016, the exchange program was conducted between Japan and the United States.

From the time of its launch through fiscal 2016, the foundation has provided 407 grants amounting to a cumulative* ¥1,150 million.

* The cumulative amount of grant money includes Special Research Grants, which are for two-year.

Continuing to Cooperate with Blood Donation

Blood donation activity (Sysmex RA)Blood donation activity (Sysmex RA)


At Sysmex, which provides the testing instruments used for blood donations, employees are also active participants in blood donations. In fiscal 2016, some 300 employees took part in blood donations held at 14 offices.

To increase our support for the Japanese Red Cross Society as a healthcare company, since fiscal 2014 we have been registered as a “blood donation supporting company.”

Registering as a Partner to Promote “Cancer Screening Corporate Action”

Certificate of registration for Cancer Screening Corporate ActionCertificate of registration for Cancer Screening Corporate Action

Signing ceremony for the Agreement to Promote an Increase in the Rate of Cancer Screening Signing ceremony for the Agreement
to Promote an Increase
in the Rate of Cancer Screening

Sysmex Corporation launched the LC-1000 exfoliative cell analyzer in fiscal 2014, aiming for it to be used in cervical cancer examinations in the future. We also plan to promote awareness activities aimed at increasing the percentage of people undergoing cervical cancer examinations.

As part of this effort, we registered with the Cancer Screening Corporate Action project in fiscal 2015. Overseen and operated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, this national project aims to elicit the cooperation of companies and organizations to raise to 50% the percentage of people in Japan participating in cancer screening. Registered companies work to increase the cancer screening percentage through internal awareness activities and the dissemination of information, and by creating value through their businesses. Sysmex Corporation took part in a seminar held in Okayama in November 2016 where the Japanese government and companies introduced recent information involving cancer countermeasures being undertaken as part of their work, introducing its own initiatives to address cancer.

In fiscal 2016, we signed the Agreement to Promote an Increase in the Rate of Cancer Screening with Hyogo Prefecture. The prefecture and private companies are conducting grass-roots movements to promote awareness of and encourage screenings. Our efforts will help realize one pillar of the Hyogo Prefecture Cancer Countermeasure Promotion Plan, to promote early detection.

As one aspect of its efforts to foster health awareness, we actively promote education within the Company about cervical cancer examinations. We also participate proactively in related events outside the Company. In April 2017, we participated in the LOVE49 in KOBE project designating Uterus Day in fiscal 2017. We interacted with healthcare professionals, local university students and other participants, gaining valuable information that would be helpful for our future initiatives.

Conducting a Training Course for Citizen Emergency Life-Saving Technicians

Training course for citizen emergency life-saving techniciansTraining course for citizen emergency life-saving technicians

Each year, Sysmex Corporation holds a training course for citizen emergency life-saving technicians and AED training at the head office, Technopark and Solution Center. Certified by the fire department and the city of Kobe First Aid Support Team (FAST), this course is designed to train people in appropriate responses in the event of illness or injury.

By encouraging as many people as possible to gain life-saving knowledge and skills, we contribute to making a secure society.

Participating in International Cooperation Efforts

JICA traineesJICA trainees

Sysmex takes part in international cooperation efforts by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) by participating in official development assistance (ODA), by extending yen credit or through outright donation, aimed at raising the level of healthcare in emerging and developing countries.

Every year, we host trainees visiting Japan through JICA programs at its facilities, conducting training on the use of medical instruments. In fiscal 2016, we conducted training seven times at i-Square and other facilities for 75 participants from 62 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Southeast Asia.

Holding an Open Lecture on Hepatitis Treatment

Open lectureOpen lecture

To foster a deeper understanding of hepatitis and help create an environment in which hepatitis patients can go about their lives with peace of mind, in November 2016 Sysmex Corporation sponsored the Lecture on Treating Hepatitis (Shonan Region) “Treating Type C Hepatitis Early before It Becomes Hepatic Cancer” as an open lecture for residents held by the Liver Society Kanagawa, a patients’ association.

On the day, we invited lecturers from the Shonan Tobu General Hospital, who spoke on the effectiveness of oral drugs on type C hepatitis and issues happened after showing complete virological response. The lecture was attended by 20 local residents, including patients.

Producing Illustrated Books to Promote Education and Awareness

Illustrated booksIllustrated books

We produce an illustrated book to promote education and awareness of illness and testing. We distribute this book to hospitals and clinics, which place it in waiting rooms and other locations. Because the book features easy-to-understand explanations in narrative form of the characteristics of illnesses, as well as their testing and treatment, it draws the interest of children and others who have little knowledge about medicine.

Overseas Activities

Overseas Example (Americas): Making Ongoing Contributions to Organizations That Support Cancer Prevention and Research

Employees participating in a charity walkEmployees participating in a charity walk

To achieve its goal of contributing to a healthy society, Sysmex America regularly donates to organizations that support cancer prevention and research. In fiscal 2014–2016, the company donated more than US$175,000* to the American and Canadian Cancer Societies, the American Heart Association and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The company’s employees also actively participated as volunteers in events held by these societies.

* Including donations received through fund-raising campaigns.

Overseas Example (EMEA*): “Sysmex Against Cancer” Campaign

From fiscal 2014 to fiscal 2015, EMEA employee volunteers have been central to the “Sysmex Against Cancer” campaign to stamp out the disease. Employees in each region planned and held their own fundraising events to raise awareness of cancer prevention and raise approximately ¥31,5 million in donations to the World Cancer Research Fund, a non-profit organization that conducts initiatives to support research. The donated funds were used for various research projects related to cancer prevention, the publication of research reports and awareness-building activities.

* Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Overseas Example (China): Collaborating with a College to Cultivate Engineers

Engineers in trainingEngineers in training

China, where testing demand is growing at a rapid pace, faces an urgent need to provide laboratory testing instrument engineers with the requisite specialized knowledge and technological skills. To address this need, Sysmex Shanghai and the Shanghai Medical Instrumentation College (SMIC) together operate a training center for engineers. We conducted training three times in fiscal 2016, for 68 people.

Overseas Example (Asia Pacific): Providing Free Urinalysis Testing

Employees at Sysmex Philippines, which provided the testingEmployees at Sysmex Philippines, which provided the testing

In the Philippines, the television program Salamat Dok (“Thank you, doctor”) is being broadcast to raise public health awareness.

In cooperation with “The Day of Urine,” an event the program held in September 2015, Sysmex Philippines provided urinalysis testing free of charge to some 100 people in collaboration with the Philippine Association of Medical Technologists.

Blood Donations Overseas (Each Region)

To help resolve medical issues close to home, employees at Sysmex Group participated actively in blood donations.

  • In April 2016, at Sysmex New Zealand
  • In June 2016, at Sysmex Indonesia
  • In July 2016, at Sysmex Malaysia

Overseas Example (Asia Pacific): Providing Support for Children with Heart Disease

Each year, Sysmex New Zealand holds an in-house fund-raising campaign to support children with congenital heart disease.

Support for Non-profit Organization Building Medical Infrastructure

Hematology analyzer donated by SysmexHematology analyzer donated by Sysmex

In fiscal 2010, Sysmex donated hematology analyzers in support of ILFAR, a non-profit organization dedicated to building an HIV/AIDS treatment infrastructure in Kenya, and Sysmex has continued to provide support since then. ILFAR provides education about HIV/AIDS and conducts regular free screening in the area. In fiscal 2016, the organization provided free screening for around 3,800 people. In fiscal 2016, Sysmex made a donation to ILFAR corresponding to the screening costs for 1,100 people.

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