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Corporate Citizenship Activities

Employee Volunteer Activities

Encourage Employee Volunteer Activities

Social Contribution Point Program


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Sysmex encourages employee volunteer activities by a Social Contribution Point Program. Under this program, employees can register points after participating in volunteer efforts in private or social contribution activities held by the Company. The Company then makes contributions according to the total number of points registered by employees every year. In fiscal 2016, Sysmex made donations to children in developing countries, as well as childhood cancer patients and their families. Some 32% of Sysmex employees in Japan, or 1,074 people, participated in this program, resulting in around ¥1.37 million in donations. A total of ¥3.62 million has been donated through this program in the three years from fiscal 2014.

Around 32% of Sysmex employees in Japan participated, leading to total donations of ¥1,371,400. Antimalarial drugs: 55,800 tablets (UNICEF), support for healthcare-equipped travel and excursions for children affected by childhood cancer and their parents (Japan Heart)

Donation ceremonyDonation ceremony

Donated itemsDonated items

In fiscal 2016, employees at each business site conducted cleaning activities and collected such items as used books, stamps, miswritten postcards, second-hand clothes and other items for donation to NGOs and other organizations. In addition, more than 100 picture books and some stationery items collected from employees were donated to institutions for children in the city of Kobe.

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