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CSR Management

Stakeholder Relations

Sysmex’s Stakeholders

In line with its basic stance on CSR, Sysmex undertakes a variety of initiatives to instill confidence in its stakeholders.

Sysmex’s Stakeholders

Core Behaviors

To our Customers

We deliver reassurance to our customers, through unmatched quality, advanced technologies, superior support, and actions that consistently reflect the viewpoint of our customers.
We constantly look out for our customers’ true needs, and seek to generate new solutions to satisfy those needs.

To our Employees

We honor diversity, respect the individuality of each employee, and provide them with a workplace where they can realize their full potential.
We value the spirit of independence and challenge, provide employees with opportunities for self-fulfillment and growth, and reward them for their accomplishments.

To our Business Partners

We deliver commitment to our client companies through broad-ranging partnerships.
We strive to be a company that can grow in step with our trade partners, through respect and mutual trust.

To our Shareholders

Our shareholders can rest assured that we will continue to improve the soundness and transparency of our management policies, while promoting information disclosure and close communications.
We commit ourselves to a consistent yet innovative style of management, in order to achieve sustainable growth and increased shareholder value.

To Society

We carry out our business in strict compliance with laws and regulations, as well as in adherence to high ethical standards.
As a responsible member of society, we play an active role in resolving environmental issues and other problems that impact our society today.

Stakeholder Engagement

Through communication with its stakeholders, Sysmex considers whether it responds to stakeholders’ requests and expectations through its business activities. The results are reflected in various business activities.

Main Dialogue Achievements in Fiscal 2016

Dialogue with Customers
Directors in charge of regional operations conducted opinion exchanges with customers Sysmex Corporation
Conducted survey on degree of customer satisfaction in each region Sysmex Corporation and overseas Group companies
Held scientific seminars in each region Sysmex Corporation and overseas Group companies
Held user group meetings to communicate accurate product knowledge Sysmex Corporation and overseas Group companies
Ongoing customer training program incorporating customer feedback in each region Sysmex Corporation and overseas Group companies

39th Sysmex Scientific Seminar (Japan)

39th Sysmex Scientific Seminar (Japan)

Dialogue with Employees
Investigated desire concerning career design, including interest in working overseas or changing jobs through a voluntary reporting given to all employees, with results made use of in HR rotation Sysmex Corporation
Conducted collective bargaining with the labor union and held labor–management meetings on such topics as workplace environment improvement Sysmex Corporation
Held briefings on the management policy by executives at each site Sysmex Corporation
Held dialogues with labor unions Sysmex Shanghai,
Jinan Sysmex,
Sysmex Wuxi,
Sysmex Vietnam,
Sysmex Thailand,
Conducted employee questionnaires and interview Sysmex Corporation and overseas Group companies

Training underway at the Global Communication Center

Training underway at the Global Communication Center

Dialogue with Business Partners
Held briefings with business partners related to quality control on parts Sysmex Corporation
Conducted meetings with distributors to explain the Sysmex business plan, among other matters Sysmex Middle East
Held a business partner meeting Sysmex Asia Pacific, Sysmex Korea
Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors
Held Ordinary General Meeting and informal meeting with shareholders Sysmex Corporation
Held the Technology Presentation for institutional investors and analysts Sysmex Corporation
Held informational meetings for individual investors Sysmex Corporation
Held Company tours for individual shareholders Sysmex Corporation

Informal meeting with shareholders

Informal meeting with shareholders

Dialogue with Members of the Local Community
Held event for local community interaction at R&D core Technopark Sysmex Corporation
Participated in math and science education-focused "Science Fair in Hyogo" event for high school students Sysmex Corporation
Engaged in dialogue with community residents through social contribution activities around the world Group companies in overseas regions

Open to the public of gardens of Technopark

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