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Security Export Control


Putting in Place a Management Structure

The Global Compliance Code establishes compliance with export- and import-related laws and regulations of each country and region. Based on this content, we formulate internal control regulations and register for approval with the regulatory authorities at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

We have also established the Security Export Control Committee, an organization that oversees security trade management and reports directly to the president, which conducts management and operations to prevent illegal exports. We have also put in place managers and people in charge of security trade management at regional headquarters overseas, thereby establishing a global structure.


Ensuring Thorough Management and Promoting Efficiency

Recent years have seen an increase in the number of opportunities for Sysmex Corporation to export products between its overseas locations, presenting the need to reform and systematize our processes and respond to increasingly complex logistics in order to ensure thorough trade management and promote efficiency.

In fiscal 2016, we introduced an electronic approval system as a catch-all regulatory check (customer confirmation). Through this system, combined with the classification system (confirming regulated items) we put in place in fiscal 2015, we have completed the introduction of mutual systems for classification and catch-all regulatory checks as basic security trade management processes.

Conducting Ongoing Education


Once each year, Sysmex Corporation conducts e-learning on the fundamentals of security trade management for all employees. We also hold workshops on the recent global situation and regulatory systems, briefing sessions on newly introduced systems and offer various other types of education on an ongoing basis to increase awareness of security trade management.


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