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Tax Strategy

Tax Transparency

Appropriate Tax Payments and Disclosure

Sysmex Group Global Compliance Code (Excerpt)
7. To Conduct Proper Accounting and Appropriate Tax Payments

We shall always apply the appropriate accounting measures and recognize the tax obligations set forth in applicable tax laws and accounting regulations and standards.

7-1 Appropriate tax return procedures

We shall comply with tax laws and regulations applicable to jurisdictions both domestic and foreign, as well as international standards such as the OECD Guidelines.

7-2 Proper accounting procedures

We shall comply with global, regional and local tax laws, external accounting standards, and internal accounting procedures related to accounting entries of transactions such as sales and expenditures. Further, we shall maintain accurate and complete records of all slips, invoices, receipts, books, records, and other documents material to financial transactions.

7-3 Preparation of fair and transparent financial statements

We shall prepare and distribute financial statements that fairly and accurately reflect the financial performance of the company, and fully comply with International Financial Reporting Standards, applicable laws, regulations and accepted accounting standards.

Sysmex has established item “7. To conduct Proper Accounting and Appropriate Tax Payments” in the Sysmex Group Global Compliance Code to heighten tax transparency. Furthermore, in line with the international consensus we employ OECD guidelines when pricing internal transactions among Group companies overseas.

We disclose Group payments of corporate and other taxes in financial and other reports, as well as the reasons for differences with effective statutory tax rates.

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