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Compliance Management

Compliance Structure

Pursuing Open and Aboveboard Business Activities

Based on our Group philosophy, the "Sysmex Way," we define our view of compliance as "conducting business activities not only in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, but also based on fairness and high ethical standards." In accordance with this definition, we have established a Global Compliance Code, in which particularly important conformance rules and behavioral guidelines for all Group executives and employees to abide by are compiled.

In May 2017, we brought into effect a revised version of the Sysmex Global Compliance Code, which we revise periodically in response to changes in our internal and external environments.

Sysmex Group Global Compliance Code
  1. Ensuring the Safety of Our Products and Services to Customers

    In all our corporate activities, we shall make it a matter of priority to provide our customers with safety and security in the operation and use of our products and services.

  2. Promoting Fair Dealing and Free Competition

    We shall comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region concerning the promotion of fair and free competition, deal fairly with all our customers and other business partners and conduct transactions under appropriate conditions. In addition, in relation to other companies in the same business, we shall not illegally, dishonestly or unreasonably restrict their business, nor shall we defame them.

  3. Fair and Proper Information Disclosure and Exercise of Complete Information Control

    Our corporate information, such as our Group’s financial condition and business activities, shall be disclosed in a fair, prompt, correct, and clear manner in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and we shall exercise strict control over confidential information collected through our business activities so as not to infringe the rights of third parties.

  4. Implementation of Appropriate Research and Development Activities

    When carrying out research and development, we shall protect the dignity, privacy, and human rights of trial subjects, and shall comply with applicable laws and regulations to carry out our research activities in accordance with high ethical standards.

  5. To Respect Intellectual Property

    We respect both the rights of our Group’s intellectual property and the intellectual property of others.
    We shall not unlawfully acquire or use any confidential business information or the proprietary assets of others.

  6. To Maintain International Peace and Safety

    We shall comply with export- and import-related laws and regulations, and shall not engage in any transaction which may impede the maintenance of international peace and safety.

  7. To Conduct Proper Accounting and Appropriate Tax Payments

    We shall always apply the appropriate accounting measures and recognize the tax obligations set forth in applicable tax laws and accounting regulations and standards.

  8. To Respect Human Rights and to Improve Occupational Health and Safety

    We shall support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Core Labour Standards, and respect fundamental human rights, and shall not commit acts such as discrimination or harassment.
    We shall also comply with applicable laws and regulations and endeavor to improve occupational health and safety.
    Further, we shall not commit any unfair labor practices against the personnel of the company.

  9. Prohibition of Conflicts of Interest

    We shall not attempt to gain any personal profit in the performance of our duties, and shall not make any unauthorized use of our Group’s assets, goods or information, nor shall we perform personal acts that may cause harm to the Group’s business activities or reputation.

  10. To Maintain Sound Relationships with Society

    We shall comply with applicable laws and regulations related to anti-bribery statutes and comply strictly with applicable laws regarding making political donations. The company shall not be intimidated by antisocial activities, behavior and groups, nor maintain any relationship with them.

  11. To Preserve the Global Environment

    We shall comply with environment-related laws and regulations, and respect the environment throughout our business activities, based on applicable laws and international standards, in an endeavor to preserve and improve the global environment.

Revised May 2017

Third-Party Evaluations of Group Structure to Promote Compliance and Its Operational Status

We confirm the appropriateness of our compliance-related initiatives and regulations with respect to social conditions and various laws and regulations, revising our content as needed. In fiscal 2015, we conducted an external assessment on our structure to promote compliance and the status of its operation, in the aim of reinforcing the structure for promoting Group compliance.

Based on these results, in fiscal 2016 we improved and enhanced our internal reporting system, mainly at Sysmex Group companies overseas. Going forward, we will continue to reinforce our overall structure for promoting compliance.

Establishment of an Internal Reporting System

Sysmex has established and operates an internal reporting system in Japan and overseas.

We have set up “Campanula Lines” as an internal reporting system in Japan. Through this system, we field consultations about compliance-related problems and seek to resolve them quickly. “Campanula Lines” allow our employees to seek consultations and file reports via telephone, postal mail or e-mail through two lines (in-house and external). Any information received is handled anonymously to protect those providing the information from any adverse reactions. In fiscal 2016, we fielded 13 consultations. We conducted factual inquiries for consultations and dealt with each of them appropriately.

The “Campanula Lines” Internal Reporting System
The “Campanula Lines” Internal Reporting System

Compliance Education

Continuously Providing Education on Compliance

Compliance managers are in place at each Group company, and Sysmex provides compliance education for all employees. In addition to educating each employee about the Group’s perspectives on compliance and the Sysmex Global Compliance Code, we conduct training for managers and e-learning on specific individual themes, thereby instilling thorough compliance awareness.

Main Compliance Education in Fiscal 2016 (Japan)
  • Conducted compliance training for new employees entering Sysmex
  • Conducted compliance training for all section newly appointed managers
  • Conducted compliance training for newly appointed executives at Sysmex CNA
  • Conducted e-learning at Group companies related to bribery prevention laws
  • Conducted e-learning at Group companies related to anti-competition laws
  • Conducted e-learning on the revised Sysmex Promotion Code
  • Conducted training on the Sysmex Promotion Code for R&D divisions
Main Compliance Education in Fiscal 2016 (Overseas)
  • Conducted training on the Sysmex Global Compliance Code
  • Conducted e-learning related to bribery prevention laws
  • Conducted e-learning related to anti-competition laws
  • Conducted education related to sunshine laws
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