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Promoting Accountability

Core Behaviors

Our shareholders can rest assured that we will continue to improve the soundness and transparency of our management policies, while promoting information disclosure and close communications. We commit ourselves to a consistent yet innovative style of management, in order to achieve sustainable growth and increased shareholder value.

Basic Policy on Accountability

The basic policy of Sysmex in IR activities is to disclose corporate information on performance, financial position, forecast of the future and management strategies in a fair, prompt, accurate and easy-to-understand manner, to ensure accountability to shareholders and other investors and gain proper understanding about management and business activities.

Information Disclosure

General Meeting and Informal Meetings for Shareholders

Informal meeting for shareholdersInformal meeting for shareholders

Valuing opportunities for direct dialogue with our shareholders, Sysmex makes an effort to encourage the participation of as many shareholders as possible at the General Meeting of Shareholders. After the general meeting, we hold informal meetings to promote interaction with shareholders. In fiscal 2016, too, after using panels to explain our R&D topics, social contribution initiatives, sports activities and third-party evaluations of Sysmex, we answered opinions and questions from the shareholders.

We accommodate shareholders who are unable to attend on the day by enabling them to exercise their voting rights in writing or over the Internet. Furthermore, we contribute to the readability of convocation and resolution notices. We also prepare English-language versions for overseas shareholders, print color convocation notices and post the same information on our corporate website.

In September 2016, we hosted the IR Day 2016 in Okuike at the Global Communication Center, our training center in the city of Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture, holding an IR event for 40 institutional investors and analysts. This event enabled us to give fuller explanations that we are able to provide thorough typical IR interviews and business results presentations. We explained and responded to questions on such topics as our unique corporate culture, the invisible value generated by our human resources and the business strategy for personalized medicine, which we are focusing on. The event helped to deepen understanding about Sysmex’s growth vision from a medium- to long-term perspective. As part of the event program, we held a meeting in which participants and Sysmex executives exchanged information through direct dialogue. Comments in a questionnaire completed after the event indicated that participants had found the exchange of opinions meaningful.

Going forward, we plan to continue engaging in IR activities aimed at enhancing corporate value through dialogue with shareholders, institutional investors and analysts.

Further Enhancing Information Disclosure

Sysmex makes it a rule to disclose any information that we believe will affect investment decisions in light of our own standards, as well as to observe applicable laws and regulations concerning securities trading and the Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by the Issuer of Listed Security and the Like established by stock exchanges.

In addition to biannual briefings on financial results (after year-end and after the second quarter), Sysmex holds conference calls following the announcement of business results in the first and third quarters in an effort to further enhance information disclosure.

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