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Recognition of the Issues

Numerous corporate scandals related to corporate governance, risk management and compliance have come to light in recent years, and their impact on society has increased.

In this environment, Japan’s Corporate Governance Code went into effect in June 2015, calling on companies to take governance into consideration in non-financial areas, as well as on the financial front.

In addition to strengthening governance and internal control, companies are being called on to buttress their management foundations for promoting risk management and compliance.

Sysmex’s Approach

Sysmex recognizes reinforcing corporate governance as a priority management issue. By shoring up our business foundation, we are endeavoring to earn the trust of our stakeholders and enhance corporate value over the medium to long term.

To this end, we made the transition into a company with an Audit and Supervisory Committee and strengthen the supervisory function by external members of the Managing Board, as well as enhancing the Managing Board’s effectiveness and reinforcing governance in other ways. In line with these changes, we are putting in place systems to fortify the groupwide risk management function and have established a Compliance Committee and an internal reporting system as initiatives to strengthen our base with a view to sustainable growth.

We will continue aiming to maximize the overall corporate value of the Group through management robustness, better transparency and improved management speed and efficiency.

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