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Environmental Consideration

Biodiversity Protection

Involvement with Biodiversity

Sysmex uses water in its core reagent production and understands that it receives a host of benefits from the world’s living things as part of its business activities. Accordingly, we recognize that preserving the forests that contribute to local watershed protection is an important social responsibility. We also aim to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

Forest Conservation Activities

Contributing to Biodiversity Preservation through the “Sysmex Forest”

In fiscal 2013 we began taking part in forest maintenance activities based on the "Enlist the Participation of All Citizens in Creating Woodland" project being promoted by the Hyogo Prefectural Government. To this end, we took responsibility for a two-hectare portion of the 17-hectare Kawai Kaiteki Forest near our reagent factory in the city of Ono, Hyogo Prefecture. We dubbed this portion the "Sysmex Forest" and set about making the Satoyama (a human-influenced natural environment) a place of tranquility for people and wildlife. In fiscal 2016, a total of 215 people participated in these activities, which took place 10 times.

We encourage employees and their families to participate in these maintenance activities. We offer special programs for children, giving them the opportunity to come into contact with nature. For example, by hand-painting houses for small birds, cultivating plant cuttings, vegetables and shiitake mushrooms, and taking part in other activities, we provide the children who will shoulder the responsibilities of the future with opportunities to learn about the relationship between people and nature.

From a biodiversity perspective, these activities focus on protecting species that are threatened with extinction and rare wild plants. For example, having discovered a clouded salamander* in fiscal 2014, we protected its habitat and confirmed that it had produced egg sacs for three consecutive years. The first adults were seen in 2016, confirming that we had created a comfortable environment for them to live in. We are also cultivating the Japanese lily, which is being found increasingly infrequently in many regions, helping it to stage a comeback. Invited by the United Nations to take part in the International Day for Biological Diversity (May 22) in 2017, we registered for the Green Wave, a program being promoted by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Going forward, through “Sysmex Forest” activities we will continue addressing the issue of biodiversity and promoting understanding and awareness activities.

* These small Cryptobranchoidea (primitive salamanders) are designated as Vulnerable II in the Ministry of the Environment’s Red Data Book.

写真:Sysmex ForestSysmex Forest
(participants in forest maintenance activities)

写真:Sysmex Forest (Protecting Scarce Wildlife)Sysmex Forest (protecting scarce wildlife)

Forest Preservation Activities Overseas (Asia Pacific Region)

Overseas, as well, various companies affiliated with Sysmex are taking part in forest preservation activities in nearby regions. In fiscal 2015, for example, volunteers from Sysmex New Zealand planted 902 seedlings of a species native to Motutapu Island. Located in the north of the country, this island is known for the natural abundance that remains there. In fiscal 2016, Sysmex New Zealand participated in the Motutapu Island Restoration Project, sponsored by the country’s Department of Environment Protection and the Motutapu Restoration Trust, planting native nursery-trees and tree seedlings. Through this project, Sysmex members will continue supporting efforts to restore the island to its state when it was occupied by the Maori people, with the kiwi and other native flora and fauna that were threatened with extinction as a result of cultivation by European settlers.

As part of its CSR activities in the region where its reagent factory operates, Sysmex India assembled an afforestation team in July 2016. All employees participated in afforestation activities, planting 125 seedlings. The company has earned accolades from a local government development board for its activities.

Sysmex India’s reagent factory also received a corporate award in 2014, placing first, for its environmental activities in the Baddhi industrial zone. The company plans to continue environmental activities centered on the region.

写真:Participants in forest preservation activities in New ZealandParticipants in forest preservation activities in New Zealand

写真:Afforestation activities in IndiaAfforestation activities in India 1

写真:Afforestation activities in IndiaAfforestation activities in India 2

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